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Lauland Hear is what i got. First turn all the radio switches to the up or back position. Then switch the far left front switch to the down position. Turn on the radio. Plug in the battery of the helicopter. Wait for the light in the back of the gyro to go to blue. Push the red button on the side. switch your top right, front switch to the center position. Wait for the light to the rear of the gyro to turn green, When it turns green clear the flight area. Move the throttle down and to right, hold for 3 seconds. Release. then switch the front far left switch up. Hold the throttle straight down. the blades should spin up. Hold throw north of center to take off. The return home switch is the top left rear flip it forward. No that it will land near wear it took off from so make sure that area is clear. the helicopter should power down after landing. I would place the far left in the down position for safety THANKS Darkone7

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Justin If you don't calibrate the compass, the GPS may be off and the whole point of the H1 flight controller is to allow the GPS to help you fly. If your help isn't helping (by being calibrated) then what's the point?

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Q: what brand is the Radio, is it open TX programable

Asked by bob on 2020-06-05 02:25:23

Justin It's a FrSky FS-I6S Radio (

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Q: So if this is RC than how You control it remotely ???

Asked by Rick on 2019-07-25 02:07:37

Justin It's not remote controlled.

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