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ShortyAw Hi no extra nossles, but with everything I have bought so far you can buy extra pieces and spares from here. Just make sure to check what others have bought with this product, usually its parts, spares or items that can go with or used together with the item

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jeffj I do most all my design work in TinkerCAD. Free, easy to use, capable enough for most people's purposes. I have done some work in OpenSCAD for irregular geometric shapes that I could not get in TinkerCAD. For slicing, I just use the latest version of Cura. Get a Raspberry Pi and load OctoPrint on it and you can easily access your printer from anywhere on your network and even over the internet if you are handy with public DNS and rules on your router. Best wishes.

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Q: What bulb would you recommend please? e27 edison retro fit?

Asked by BG541714915 on 2020-10-26 08:41:19

ShortyAw If you scroll down after clicking on the image you will see it again, that one has the option for the one with the scissor frame

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ShortyAw You can work a size of 15-20cm comfortably

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Q: does it come with a UK 3-pin plug/

Asked by BG335548013 on 2020-11-28 02:30:29

ShortyAw Hi, if it is a option available to specify the plug type, it will be included, but on all orders it usually indicates UK EU or so on plugs and you have to specify

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