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: Is there an eagle library for this ?

mso1985 2020-12-29 06:55:47

brewski (forward slash)jsmillie7(forward slash)ESP32-WROOM.lbr There are several other sources as well, just Google "Eagle library +ESP32 " or whatever variation you have.

2020-12-30 12:20:48 (0)
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Narcocracy Malachite DSP digital noise reduction radio bare board! Test the finished board and connect it to the horn, power supply and antenna to work! Use the V version of the cpu can USB flash! You can flash usb! You can flash usb! You can also plug in the type c cable to work! You can also just connect the earphones without the speaker! AM aviation segment! FM radio (stereo requires registration version)! Offline sdr! Can also provide iq signal to the computer! Comes with usb sound card! Capacitive touch screen! Only for testing and exploring the mystery of radio communication technology!

2020-10-29 09:12:14 (0)
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: does this unit work in UK?

gonk 2020-10-21 04:24:38

brewski Yes it does. Its battery-powered so will work in any country. The country displayed onscreen includes UK, and as UK uses one time zone then you don't have to search for a city. Not so good in Australia though as we have 4 time zones but only Canberra.

2020-10-21 08:46:08 (0)
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