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brunobarreto80 Un artículo universal que sirve a las referencias indicadas, pero algunas pueden necesitar ser recortadas para encajar perfectamente.

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brunobarreto80 depois de várias utilizações continua igual a novo, é um artigo que vale mesmo a pena comprar

brunobarreto80 2020-11-05 05:38:26
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Q: dove posso acquistare il caricatore per lo spazzolino?

zeptal se Antonio96cos na 2021-01-15 04:30:56

brunobarreto80 la carica è un normale cavo per la ricarica di telefoni cellulari e dispositivi elettronici, il cavo è micro usb B.

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Q: it is the original Cube m3 from Xiaomi?

zeptal se afonsogoncalves na 2019-03-27 05:29:47

brunobarreto80 the brand belongs to Xiaomi, but it is not the main hub of Xiaomi, this is just magnetic, anyway it is a very high quality item

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Q: Is it waterproof?

zeptal se BG801337514 na 2020-07-25 11:19:01

brunobarreto80 it is not waterproof, you can remove the comb and rinse it.

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Q: Question 1. Are they compatible with SAMSUNG, LG vacuum cleaner?

zeptal se 김상윤 na 2018-03-06 05:08:14

brunobarreto80 It is compatible with most brands, since it has a part that makes the reduction or increase of the tube in order to fit the accessories

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Q: sans sabot coupe a zero ? voir a blanc

zeptal se BG435171244 na 2020-12-29 03:20:52

brunobarreto80 vous pouvez le couper à zéro, et il coupe même très bien et ne tient jamais les cheveux

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Q: Why gived bad tracking number?

zeptal se RolaZ na 2020-11-24 11:48:37

brunobarreto80 You have to contact the store's customer support services.

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Q: wath différents betwen global and china version ?

zeptal se sino120 na 2020-12-27 04:58:12

brunobarreto80 You have the same product with different names, since the Global version has international CC certification, manuals and a box with information in English, a product aimed at the market outside China.

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Q: Esse produto vem quantos ml?

zeptal se biancarramalho na 2019-08-05 07:41:07

brunobarreto80 O produto tem 15ml

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