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nemrod 2018-10-07 09:03:25
I'm using the 160mm version for a 4 inch build and it's quite nice to fly. The arms seem very strong and the carbon is cut in the right orientation. The issue with the frame, which I was aware of when I bought it, is the design of the hub. The fact that nylon standoffs are used as structural parts is fatal in a crash; they will shear and you will need extensive repairs, every time. It's happened to me twice in two days, and both times I've been stuck with a piece of threaded nylon inside a metal standoff and had to spend a good amount of time to use a heat gun to melt it out. After that you have to somehow piece it all together again with new standoffs without completely disassembling the entire top part, which, speaking of, is a pain to put together. The holes in the side plates are too small for the cable ties, making it very arduous and somewhat dangerous since you have to pull with quite a lot of strength to get them through. In my latest repair I left the few that were still whole (because yes, they will break quite easily, so stock up on cable ties as well as nylon standoffs) and just put cable ties around the entire side plate instead, weaving the big holes. It is light. The arms are strong. But there are equally light frames with equally strong arms with which you don't have to go through the royal pain that this hub design results in. I'm going to get a different frame when I get the opportunity and migrate the parts, despite this one being in perfect condition. Just not worth the hassle to put together if it comes apart again in the next crash.
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