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meanblackbike Can you please try this circuit basically put in chain capacitor 4.7microFarads 400V to the lamp and connect to 230V grid sockets.like : 4.7uF 400V 230 V o---------| |----------------------(Bulb)-------o 230 V That capacitor you can buy from:https://www.banggood.com/204pcs-24Values-400V-0_01uf4_7uf-CBB-metal-Film-Capacitors-Assortment-Kit-p-1106758.html?rmmds=search

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Q: Where (in which country) is this warehouse CZ? I never see it before.

Được hỏi bởi meanblackbike trên 2020-01-21 02:49:13

Yesterdaywas China

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Q: Do the drills shown work for any type of wood, metal, and cement work?

Được hỏi bởi m0nam3 trên 2019-12-04 08:46:20

meanblackbike Those are for metal and as the answers show even heat treated - quenched metal will be drilled wow :) For wood better by the cheapest bits there are specific for wood have a pointing center tip - useful when need precision. For concrete or any building materials like bricks use ONLY those for concrete - they have tungsten carbide tip that is very hard. You can also use that tungsten carbide drill to drill ceramics but there are drills for glass that are more efficient due to the sharp edge.

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Q: hi, if my angle grinder is 115 mm , what size do I need? m14 or m16?

Được hỏi bởi olp888 trên 2018-12-04 01:08:34

meanblackbike If you got M14 it doesn't fit grinder 115 and 125 mm (at least those in Europe) , because the size of the spindle is 16mm so I hope the 16mm M16 will fit. The thread of my 115 and 125 mm grinders is M14 but the start nut has to go over the spindle as well. So you need 16mm hole in it. The picture has 17mm on a locking surfaces, that is needed to make the start rotating by the grinder. So M14 is useless for M14 grinders because the flange of 16mm. Buy M16 - I'm waiting and will report back.

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meanblackbike Whatkit/pulley you attached to drive this wheel? (So I can use it and drive it - hint it is a 3 bolts.)

jacoblempire 2019-03-06 07:08:36
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