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  • 2020-08-04 08:07:10

    This is Veg Trug, not the "xiaomi flower care" even the logo is different from the product photo. ---------------> FOR THOSE WHO CAN'T SEE THE SENSOR IN THE MI HOME APP: <--------------- I tried to add it on "Mi Home" app (on chinese server), but it doesn't show up, I even tried to add it manually but nothing. I used the "Veg Trug" app and it worked, then I tried the "Xiaomi Flower care app" and it saw the sensor, so I added it there too. Then I open "Mi home" app again and now it

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  • Micha
    2020-03-23 16:50:41

    Great Build Quality,easy to connect when using China mainland,with BLE Hub device near it it's possible to check remotely. U can set thePlant Name,Plant Picture all stats,and also set Notifications in Automation Tab. You should buy it.

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  • EM74
    2020-09-22 02:57:53

    il prodotto e arrivato dopo 2 mesi di attesa ok, valutazione prodotto buona questa volta tutto funziona bene senza problemi al sistema. Bluetooth, app acquisisce il sensore e memorizza , ottima soluzione per piante grasse così sai quando dare acqua a piante e fertilizzanti. ottimo

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  • 2020-05-12 19:59:59

    Товар хороший. Работает чётко, привязался быстро. Очень удобно. Обязательно куплю ещё.

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  • 2020-05-10 01:38:53

    really nice item. arrived within expected time and works well. it comes with battery and is easy to set up. a bit pricey, but indeed a great product for any garden lover.

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  • 2020-08-04 15:34:09

    aunque lo he recibido hoy, he estado trasteando con él y tengo que decir me ha sorprendido su calidad...está muy bien hecho y no he tenido problemas con él para hermanarlo con mi tablet. el envío bastante rápido. en general estoy muy contento con la compra. intentaré escribir algo más cuando lo pruebe.

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  • rkhomyk
    2020-06-11 07:57:51

    The description of this item is completely misleading. It says that it is the Xiaomi product, but actually it is VegTrug device. It has compatibility to a degree, and if you are not an advanced user, probably you won't care. But for smart home integration, I had to jump over some hoops with additional BLE to MQTT gateway.

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  • 2020-05-08 02:03:05

    Good product for those who have never tried to have plants. I only find the soil fertility parameter inaccurate ... Sometimes it is enough to even wet a little to triple the count. The other figures are quite accurate. Too bad I don't send a notification to the phone app when the plant needs water or is drying out for too bright light. However excellent

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  • 2020-04-06 15:45:27

    El producto es bueno, y con la app que recomienda el producto, funciona bien. El único problema, que de tres solo funcionan 2, imposible enlazar por bluetooth uno de los 3 dispositivos que compré, no hay forma de forzar la sincronización. Y encima, he puesto la incidencia pero no contesta ni el de la puerta...

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  • drracer
    2020-09-08 02:15:39

    Very interestinge devices. Came in a durable plastic box each (prevents damage during transport). At first the user is required to open the white handle and remove a plastic seal from the internal battery. At that moment the device starts the Bluetooth LE communication. After that just head to your linux machine, issue a `hcitool lescan` to find the device's BT address. Integration to Home Assistant on Raspberry Pi 4 was absolutely flawless (one just needs to know the BT address) and the devices have

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