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Một phần của bài đánh giá đã được dịch tự động.

  • 04/10/2021

    Good day. The shipment came to me fine. I am very satisfied. I can only recommend the seller. I will definitely continue ordering. Well thank you. Delivery to Slovakia in 15 days. Zásielkovňa kuriér

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  • 06/09/2021

    I am very satisfied with the product met my expectations, an excellent helper for inflating wheels . Thank you .

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    Hiển thị nguyên bản
  • 24/10/2021

    The pump does the job perfectly. I used it a couple of times to inflate bike tires and it takes approximately 3 minutes to inflate from half to perfect. The other days I inflate the car tyres from 1.9 bar to 2.5 in 5 minutes. The battery lasts quite good, based on limited use I had. The pump is made out of quality materials. When inflating makes some noise and the hose gets warm, but I have nothing to complain. This is a quality pump with an USB-C port. Good quality from Xiaomi.

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  • 30/07/2021

    ok super

    Bình luận (2)
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  • 27/09/2021

    objednane 14.9. odoslane 16.9. prislo kurierom cez banggood express 27.9. Jemne stlacene pravy roh krabice ale vo vnutri bez znamok poskodenia. Test prebehol bez problemov, lopty nafukane rychlo. Staci si prehodit PSI na BAR alebo ak je udane jedno aj druhe tak je to bezpredmetne. Jednoducha obsluha. Nastavis hodnotu samo vypne po dosiahnuti danej hodnoty. Odporucam. Vdaka.

    Bình luận (4)
    Hiển thị nguyên bản
  • Jack

    It's awesome, strong, easy to use.

    Bình luận
    Hiển thị nguyên bản
  • 29/08/2022

    genial, muy buen producto

    Bình luận
    Hiển thị nguyên bản
  • 08/08/2022

    Excelente equipamento. É premium Xiaomi. Não veio cabo de carregador tipo C. Enche o pneu bem rápido. O manual veio só em mandarim. Capa de transporte boa. Luz para auxiliar em lugares escuros e SOS.

    Bình luận
    Hiển thị nguyên bản
  • 29/10/2021


    Bình luận
    Hiển thị nguyên bản
  • 19/09/2021

    Very nice and helpfull product. In package you can find 2x additional valves and black storage pouch with little pocket inside, where you can store those valves. Cons: No usb charging cable and chineese manual only. Here you can find ENG/CZ/SK/HU manual.

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