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  • November-28 2019 12:35:58

    ürün çok güzel aşık oldum resmen çok kibar ve güçlü bir kalem beklediğimden daha hafif ama yinede yeterince güçlü ve torklu tek kusuru sadece ucu led olan kısım da bitane buzlu pvc tarzı bişey olsaydı ışık biraz daha soft olsa daha güzel olabilirdi bazen göz alıyor yansıması basma düğmesi çıkıcak gibi duruyor resimlerde arka boşluğu göstermeye çalıştım onun dışında uçları çok iyi ve bolca extrası var ha birde en alttaki büyük silindir şarj standı değil

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  • April-30 2020 00:04:12

    The Wowstick 1F + 64 tips is a great first-buy of any electric screwdriver and comes with all varieties of screw tips to suit most functions. Regarding the quality of the product, the screwdriver itself is OK. The circular rotation of my screwdriver's main tip was not balanced perfectly (some rotational play), however everything is functionally OK. It would best suit low-torque applications, given it's a round handheld tool, and not very grippy. E.g. cellphone repairs, or very light drone/RC disassembly. The

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  • November-16 2020 03:10:21

    Fast delivery, order came good packed, screwdriver looks ok, all heads ar good quality. Good device for easy-to-unscrew bolts, but if the bolts unscrew harder, it can no longer unscrew them. In that case, one can be used as a hand screwdriver. All in all good device, but i would by a newer version, that has more powerfull motor. 4,5 of 5 stars.

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  • October-27 2020 11:27:43

    Buena compra. funciona correctamente, aunque peca de un poco de falta de potencia, sobre todo si es tornillo contra plático, que tiene que entrar con fuerza, aunque recomiendo hacer el último aprete con un destornillador manualmente. Viene con una gran cantidad de puntas, que lo hace muy practico. La funda de transporte está muy bien, pero solo puede llevar uno de los tubos de puntas.

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  • October-22 2020 06:52:34

    По итогу комплектация Wowstick 1F+ выглядит довольно продуманной и удобной для практически всех задач работы с отверткой электронщика или системного администратора. Разумеется, это не подразумевает конвейерную работу, для которой эта отвертка слабовата, а периодически возникающие

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  • September-29 2020 09:01:44

    Encantado, muy buena presentación y empaquetado, se nota la calidad. Desde el momento en abres el paquete se nota que todo es premiun. Es un destornillador eléctrico para cosas pequeñas con poco par de apriete; ordenadores portatiles por ejemplo, te facilita y agiliza el trabajo. Además cuenta con multitud de puntas para cualquier tipo de tornillo. Sin lugar a dudas lo recomiendo

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  • September-25 2020 16:20:30

    Equipamento top de mais !!! desmontei meu notebook em menos de 3 minutos, facilita a vida com m está ferramenta, estou muito satisfeito, fora a agilidade da entrega, 18 dias corridos isso contando com os correios do Brasil, que sabemos que é uma "beleza". Obrigado Banggood, mais uma vez me surpreendeu.

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  • July-24 2020 20:35:43

    The quality of this product is really outstanding. The screw driver is heavy and feels premiu. There are lots of different screwheads for basically anything. The box was packaged very nicely with separate cardboard mini-boxes within the main box for each item. The magnetiser/demagnetiser works well and the magnetic mat is strong enough to keep screws from rolling off but weak enough for the screwdriver to pick them up again. While the torque of the motor isn't the strongest as many people have said,

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  • March-12 2020 13:48:43

    The set is more than complete and good quality and finishing. Very handy for small appliances, the collection of tips is great and nicely packaged. Nothing else in the market compares to this package. And the price is good. Note a few things to improve: charge level indicator is missing, torque is small for some applications, there is no speed control, the light comes on only when the trip rotates; it should come on at the touch of the operation button.

    Bình luận
  • January-20 2020 10:16:30

    Slow shipping from DE (over 30 days), but after that it has arrived in 3 days. The product looks high quality, lightweight but massive. POS: lots of bit, screw collector magnetic pad, pure design, built-in battery NEG:Torque is low, but acceptable.Fix rpm. 3 leds switch on if already rotating the bit

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