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  • 22/09/2017

    I got black version, 2x units. I usually do and tune all my antennas myself, but this time decided to test what we can get for cheap ;-) Looks like they used wrong PCB material or mixed something with dimensions - antennas are usable for lower 5.8G frequency range (5600-5750 or smth), going higher - one antenna is barely usable (usually on such "patch-type" antennas axial ratio is very bad, when you go out of resonant frequency), another is unusable at all. So, if you fly on smth like C4 (5705) or something this should be fine. But for higher frequencies... Actually, fixing "too high" resonant frequency is easy - just put some lacquer/paint, this would shift frequencies down, but with "too low" - not much you can do except cutting/sanding boards which is really time consuming.

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  • 11/01/2018

    Great directional antenna that can be used both both rhcp and lhcp. For optimal performance you will also need 50 ohm terminator that is not included in the package:

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