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  • October-02 2020 13:01:19

    the procuct is very nice for small kids l, the get excited with the push of a button you erase everything! I recommending it for coffee stores, the design is very nice, looks like an iPad. of course you can't see what is written in the dark if you want to save a draw just take a picture with your phone.

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  • December-11 2019 11:32:59

    πάρα πολύ καλή ποιότητα κατασκευής σίγουρα θα ξαναπάρω άλλο ένα value for money το τάμπλετ 10 ιντσών

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  • October-01 2020 12:07:41

    Πολύ καλό ότι πρέπει για μικρά παιδιά στα πρώτα βήματα γραφής και ζωγραφικής Very good for young children in the first steps of writing and painting

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  • January-10 2020 06:33:25

    Teslimatı bir hafta bile sürmedi. Malzeme olarak iyi tasarlanmış. Anlık çizim, notlar için pratik ve kullanışlı. Çevreci bir ürün kağıt israfını engellemek için bire bir. çizim ve yazılar bir seferde net ve okunur üstünden tekrar, tekrar geçmeye gerek yok.

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  • November-18 2020 10:20:33

    Tavoletta molto divertente e semplice da usare. presa per mia figlia, speriamo si diverta. imballo un po' leggero, infatti il cartone è arrivato un po' danneggiato. fortunatamente la tavoletta all'interno sembra ok.

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  • April-03 2020 12:05:23

    Ottimo prodotto ben descritto nell'inserzione. Ottimo imballo consegna prima del previsto. Il mio bimbo come vedete la usto da subito. valutazione altissima Lo consiglio.

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  • April-03 2020 10:18:13

    arrivate in tempo breve, e fanno il loro lavoro.sentono la differenza di pressione! pennino istruzioni inutili, in cinese, batteria CR2025 gia installata. fatto bene rifinito bene.. poi vediamo la durabilità. ciaao

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  • November-18 2020 04:02:20

    This is everything I expected of it: a fun toy if you like to doodle. You can't store your drawings, but that's okay. Drawing on this tablet feels like drawing on paper, not like on an LCD display, it's clearly a different type of technology. It is a great distraction during boring conference calls and when you just want to clear your head. Kids love it too, this is a great birthday or Christmas gift. The fact that it doesn't use any power/electricity, except for when you erase the drawing by pushing

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  • August-12 2020 19:06:39

    It works pretty well, but forget to have a tablet with a so great contrast, green saturation and graphic luminosity as the pictures shown by Banggood. Actually it's a lot less visible and less confortable. And the most annoying limitation of this type of tablets is that you cannot make partial deletions. Delete all, or nothing, so it's impossible to make corrections that remove only what you want to change or remove. There is a CR2025 battery which is only used for erasing and there is a slide

    Bình luận
  • November-12 2020 06:08:06

    perfecto buena visión y borrado con pulsar un botón, además bloqueo en el lateral para evitar borrar por error.

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