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Một phần của bài đánh giá đã được dịch tự động.

  • 23/10/2019

    This is a very useful device to provide Bluetooth connectivity for older stereo amplifiers, tape recorders etc, and it can be used both for input or output (switchable). The built-in amplifier is also powerful enough to drive an older set of hi-fi headphones, as a receiver for use with mobile phones, dab radios, or Wi-Fi tablets & laptops etc. The inbuilt lithium cell lasts for over 6 hours on a full charge, and charges in about 2 hours, but also the device can be operated whilst connected to the 5V charging supply. The device is very small, and a UK 50 pence coin is shown for comparison purposes in my attached photo.

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  • 13/07/2019

    IMars KN319 Tried to charge and the light stay fiew seconds then shut off then tried to leave any way the charge for a long time by out professional staff it does not work at all Same thing with the Xiomi Earphone cannot be charged. What to do ? H.S. Media Production Herzliya . Abraham Macdonald Soussi

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  • 05/03/2019

    I purchased a pair of this device, connected to my power amp and turn table, one as a transmitter and one as a receiver. The sound quality is excellent and it's very easy to pair.

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  • 21/01/2020


    Bình luận
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  • 13/12/2019

    Works perfectly

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  • 03/04/2019

    Simple et efficace. Fonctionne parfaitement en émetteur vers un casque Bluetooth ou en récepteur pour transformer une vieille chaîne hifi en Chaine bluetooth. A vérifier: l’autonomie dans le temps. Je vais en reprendre 2 de plus. Je recommande.

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    Hiển thị nguyên bản
  • 13/02/2019

    Ne fonctionnait, mais le service client très réactif de Banggood m'a donné satisfaction. J'ai d'ailleurs rarement été confronté à un problème de non-fonctionnement.

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  • 26/01/2019

    Well-designed. Absolutely recommend. I like the built in battery and auto shut off.

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  • 09/11/2018

    I purchased this amazing little iMars KN319 Bluetooth Wireless Audio Transmitter Receiver 4.2 Adapter and found its performance out of the box great

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  • 30/09/2019

    Fast shipment to EU, good quality and price. Comes with the needed cables and connects easily to all my Bluetooth devices both in RX TX mode.

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