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  • 20/04/2022

    to those who confused how to use it for the 1st time.. 1: insert simcard. make sure there is signal in your area and also internet package on the simcard. 2: download the app and login. there, you will see the device status is offline, also gps might shown on china. 3: register the APN. 4: connect the device power cable with the ACCU or power source of your car/motorcycle. And the device status will change to online. it wont change to online if you didnt connect to power source. Product is good, although the brand sent to me was iMars, not Enusic (guess its same tho). Also about the expiry date, it's 1 year (or less), but you can contact banggood to help extend it (and seller will extend it for another 100years). confirmed this after asked banggood by email what made me worry was, the package's safety. since mine didnt come bubblewrapped, so quite fragile. glad it came safely.

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  • 02/11/2019

    I am very impressed for the price. it looks identical to a standard vehicle relay and you wouldn’t know it was a GPS device even if you were looking straight at it. The app that it comes with is quite decent too. live tracking works well. it also has an accelerometer to detect vibration which will send an alert on the app. There is also an actual relay in the device which you can trigger via a button in the app. It goes to sleep when it’s not moving to save power. It wakes up when motion is detected or if you request position via the app.

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