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M100 2020-01-04 12:57:38
With good fresh rechargeable batteries heats to solder melting temperature for about 22-25 secs. I could not test the charge from USB cable function, but seems to detect when batteries are charged. The plastic seems of relatively good quality and looks professional. The biggest problem is the lid for the batteries - it is difficult to push it to close and extremely difficult to remove it - I needed special pliers and a lot of patience and force. it would be prefect without this design problem. The USB cable seems to be with low resistance and good quality. I wish it had a small case/box for it.
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  • does that mean with one charge you can solder for 22-25 sec, or that it takes that time to heat to soldering temperature? Im curious of the usage lenght of a charge.

    Đáp lại 2020-02-07 06:24:28
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