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  • December-04 2019 11:33:43

    Hi, I've opened now the box with the components for clock. The aluminium bar are stretched. Please take a look to the photos. I've haven't checked others parts.

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  • September-04 2020 12:48:33

    Comes extremely well packaged. A quality item and I look forward to assembling the kit.

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  • January-13 2020 14:37:56

    Petite horloge nixie à montée soi-même bien sympa. Pas de notice, je vous met un lien vidéo pour vous aider à monté votre horloge : >>> Regarder bien la vidéo jusqu'au bout !

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  • March-15 2020 12:50:31


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  • September-11 2018 14:04:35

    Kit parts was very good protected in the shipping box. I receive it with no damage to any of part. Al components fit nice and I even got spear box parts,10 plates from 0-9 as well splicers, extra screws, acrylic top and button peace part etc.. There is video guide how to put it together which was very easy to follow but it was time consuming to pill off all protected foil from all Acrylic plates but i get it it needs to be protected. Clock has 'clock' mode and 'stopwatch' mode. You can change color

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  • September-27 2018 15:02:03

    I'm very pleased with this product, It looks great but the price is too big here I do not agree!

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  • November-13 2019 03:16:21


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  • June-13 2019 07:15:16

    great build... disappointment when I saw black plastic uprights ... the promo was shiny Crome

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  • November-17 2020 19:19:55

    This kit arrived today, it arrived in a really nice black box with excellent padding. The instructions were easy enough to follow and the kit went together very easily with the tools provided. I plugged it in and it worked first time. Plugging into my Windows PC it found it by itself and just worked I downloaded the software and have been messing around with the setting quite happily, Altogether this is a really excellent kit I'm very happy. The only additional tool I used was an small spanner to

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  • July-28 2020 17:41:22

    I really love this clock. It has a similar look to a nixietube clock but led. arrived fast and packed well, you do get 1 extra of each number just in case of scratches. love the way it looks and is easy to put together, takes about 2 hours, 1 hour for acrylic protective film removal and 1 hour for assembly. i liked it enough to get one for my father for xmas

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