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  • 2020-09-08 21:50:45

    I started soldering at 200° (unfortunately the solder coat on the pads didn't melt at this temperature.) this gave me an awfull result. I ended up soldering at the maximum of my soldering station . At this high temperature the solder on the pads melted and fused with the new solder. In the end the, result came out acceptable but not perfect. So please, be advised. Solder hot. As for the finished product. I't a, nice gimmick it, works for simple testing of circuits. Don't expect to get 250$ results

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  • 2020-07-05 14:02:45

    Great kit! It’s a ton of fun together and great soldering practice. The oscilloscope is good for beginner use, but personally it suits me perfectly. Would recommend if you need a cheap oscilloscope for PWM or other basic frequency monitoring, or even if you just want a fun kit to solder

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  • 2020-05-19 16:17:01

    Quick delivery. Very nice how-to for soldering the parts and testing it before starting it up. SMD parts are already soldered in. Just a few hours and you have you own little scope.

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  • 2020-07-29 15:02:14

    Produto chegou em perfeito estado, apesar da embalagem não ser a mais adequada para postavem.

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  • toto6
    2020-05-06 13:19:15

    Good product

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  • Speedy
    2016-02-12 02:58:56

    A little project to get me through the cold wintermonths. After delivery and unrapping it i found a nice looking kit with a good to follow manual BUT, After a few hours of putting it together, checking and rechecking all the solderpoints top and bottom under a large magnifiingglass with an extra lamp on for good lighting, measuring all the checkpoints for correct voltages (within the given ranges), i am sorry to say I cannot get it to work. After 40+ years of handling a soldering-iron reguarly I HAVE

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  • 2016-02-29 08:02:17

    Tolles Kit! Der Zusammenbau hat etwa vier Stunden gedauert. Das Scope tut was es soll. Wunder darf man nicht erwarten, aber für den Preis liefert es ausgezeichnete Ergebnisse. Der Betrieb über 9V Block ist äußerst praktisch um es unterwegs nutzen zu können. Das Löten war einfach bis mittelschwer. Im Unterschied zu einer anderen Review empfehle ich keine spitze Lötspitze sondern grundsätzlich eine abgeflachte (etwa wie ein kleiner Phasenprüfer Schraubendreher). Dadurch wird mehr Hitze übertragen

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  • bmac2
    2016-02-23 23:20:50

    I have wanted an oscilloscope for a long time but as a hobby I just could not justify the expense. After reading some reviews on the internet and watching a few Youtube videos I thought that I couldn’t pass up this kit. The silk screen on the PCB was excellent, with all components labelled for ease reference. The instruction manual is very clear and easy to follow, with a full schematic and troubleshooting guide with voltages for test points. After calibrating the probe and I had a nice square-wave

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  • grmis
    2016-01-03 15:44:26

    This is a very nice kit, I am very pleased by this oscilloscope. The PCB, the components, the cables and the brief instruction sheet are of good quality. I was also impressed by a few functions that I was not expecting on such a small scope, like the frequency meter (see the picture) or the adjustable trigger.

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  • 2018-09-27 15:33:21

    This indeed is a great little scope for those who can't get an old analog scope or these new fancy digital scopes with all the bells and whistles. This scope comes with all the necessary components, a really easy to follow instruction manual. Soldering the thing is also easy. Just be sure to separate all the components in groups. One more thing, the aligator clips were the first ones to go, they are clumsy, uncomfortable, take up a lot of space. Solder the wires to some clip on probes!

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