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  • 06/04/2023

    Good quality ,packing is open when receive, packages is not original, heat producing,quality of picture good,sounds good

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  • 02/04/2023

    The Blitzwolf BW-V3 is an entry-level projector that shows great promise for it's budget friendly price point. The image quality is fairly average with fairly cold colorimetry and fairly low contrast, it does not do any better or worse than the equivalent model from Wanbo. What will undoubtedly distinguish it from the others is the sound quality, which is much better than the other Blitzwolfs that I have tested and even most of the Wanbos as well. It should be added to that that this projector consumes very little power and handles fast movements fairly well.

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  • 12/07/2023

    incrível qualidade com excelente custo. Numa parede com fundo branco mesmo com bastante luz natural a imagem é ótima. Ideal seu uso num ambiente de luz controlada. Indico para um projetor de entrada.

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    Hiển thị nguyên bản
  • Ouwei

    Light product, small and simple. I had no problems connecting my phone or Wi-Fi, the menu is simple and intuitive.In summary, for the price is a great product, both for portability, ease of use and quality of sound and image.

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    Hiển thị nguyên bản
  • 11/07/2023

    Jó minőség, kedvező ár

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    Hiển thị nguyên bản
  • 28/03/2023

    Amazing. The image is perfect, the device has an incredible quality for the price of it. It is easy to handle, the brightness in daylight is not as strong as in the ad, but you can still see a little. I bought it with the screen, which helps a lot. The sound of it is great for a room of standard size, loud and clear, with good equalization and balance of the bass, for the room I believe that it is necessary to use a more powerful speaker. This projector is very worth buying, it's great.

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    Hiển thị nguyên bản
  • bg26493

    Great quality for the price. Not suitable for bright rooms, but looks great in dark rooms. Speakers are ok. Thanks for the fast shipping!

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    Hiển thị nguyên bản
  • lexikou

    The product exceeded my expectations, I am well satisfied, I use it to teach, and the image was reasonable in the classroom the light of day. the night, the image is perfect. The sound box is very good too, and the other accessories are worth it. The seller was very attentive. Thank you! Thank you!

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  • 22/05/2023

    Úplne splnil svoj účel,syn hráva na ňom PS4

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  • 26/03/2023

    Quality is impressive good wifi miracast bluetooth hdmi connections is good

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