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Đánh giá tích cực hàng đầu cho %s trên Banggood, Mua %s tốt nhất với giá thấp nhất trên Banggood. Duyệt qua đánh giá tích cực hữu ích nhất cho %s trước khi bạn mua., đồ chơi rc, thể thao vui nhộn, thời trang, đồ điện tử phổ biến
Rockpebblar 27/10/2020
Received fairly promptly, the initial setup was easily done and all looked well! on reboot, I got the message wrong code, I knew the code was correct so I tried several times with no results. I did a factory reset after much searching on youtube, and set up the Tab8 again. Again I was given the wrong code message and I was convinced I had been sent a unit that had been given to someone and sent back. My son took the tablet to try and after a few attempts he found that you had to input the code very fast to work, a slow input would be rejected. After trying out the tablet I have concluded that it is a very good, value for money machine with quite high specs. As advertised, it is slim and in comparison with my old machine, very fast. I havent as yet put a sim card into it, but all indications are that I will be more than happy with this tablet
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