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  • 22/03/2024

    "A surprising quality of the printer and its components, the color touch screen is worth every penny... I didn't feel the need for PC or Wi-Fi connection... it has 2 card slots and 1 USB plus a card reader and a PC cable included. Super convenient. Installation was super easy and calibration, while the noise minimal... you can practically only hear the loudest fan in the case... which can be replaced with a quieter one... or lower speed... five stars."

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  • 18/11/2023

    Great printer for the price. I bought it with a nice discount but nonetheless I would like to be objective. PRO: - Easy to assemble - Very compact - Touch screen with nice ui - Silent drivers - Good quality - metal extruder ( but with brass gear☹️ and roller) CONS: - PLA sample has a very bad quality, is very brittle an for your first experience, that is not encouraging - Steel sheet material idea is great, but when the material doesn't stick to it is a nightmare

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