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  • December-03 2019 02:11:44

    This is the pinnacle of flashlights* The pros: This bad boy produces the most beautiful beam of light, i have ever seen from a flashlight, (i ordered the version with the 4000k emitters) and i have seen a lot! Its overall build quality is very good, the choice of copper is superior to the usual aluminium stuff, as long as weight is not an issue Its form factor is exelent, making this a very compact and bright light, with a decent battery runtime. The indecisive: The tint is a tint bit green

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  • October-11 2020 05:29:32

    Nice flashlight. Very good build quality. Xpl-Hi 5000k Leds are great option. Only issues of mine is that it charge battery to 4.2 V but flashlight show that it has only 4.0 V so LVP comes 0.2 V too early on and that this model didn't have additional heatsink so I took one from my other MF01 mini. Still my favourite flashlight! Thank you and greetings from Finland!

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  • February-19 2020 17:39:29

    Wonderful light XPL HI 6000k. Really heavy 454gm without battery 500gm with battery. so much heavier than aluminum version. Shipping bag not well packaged so desiccant gel pack punctured and spread sand all over inside of box. (no real dessicant gel!) scratched some of the shiny surface. Everything works great, tested good. All secondary led shine, all Anduril modes work. Came with lanyard and 2 washer. may need to polish. Still give 5 star, but please improve shipping and don't use fake

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  • November-05 2019 20:21:05

    this is my first full copper light. This is my fourth MF01 mini and this thing is awesome. I really love the 4000k sst20 tint. man this thing is heavy.

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  • January-05 2020 05:18:41

    Five star given coz it is fabulously crafted. Once I received it, I sprayed a thin coat of clear lacquer to prevent it from patina. Shiny beautiful copper. Only grouse is the goddamn flashlight gets so so hot, it cannot be held at all! So hot like a block of coal after using Turbo for 3mins!!

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  • December-01 2019 04:16:16


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  • March-09 2020 12:38:14

    Eine sehr gute Lampe Verarbeitung Super, Lichtstrahl sehr gut, weiter zuempfehlen ***** 5 Sterne

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  • June-19 2020 15:29:20

    Alles funktioniert wie beschrieben. Der Lichtstrom und die Lichtstärke wurde von mir noch nicht gemessen. Die Verarbeitung ist sehr gut.

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  • December-11 2019 04:35:41

    Bonjour Lampe bien finie, fonctionnement parfait ,mais ne donne pas les 43000cd promis mais 37000cd . Cordialement

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  • November-16 2020 05:21:56

    chất lượng tốt. giao hàng nhanh

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