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Một phần của bài đánh giá đã được dịch tự động.

  • 16/10/2019

    i really love this light!!!

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  • 25/03/2021

    Nice flashlight, it's small, compact but surprisingly heavy for its small size. It has a strong lumen output with a pleasant beam. The 4000K SST20 LEDs produce a very confortable warm light. I bought it for my daughter, she uses it with the diffuser in candle mode every nights when going to bed. Thanks to auxiliary LEDs, it's easy to find the light in the dark. Unlike other cool white lights, you can use it in the middle of the night without blowing your eyes. I like it so much that I bought the Astrolux® MF01S for myself.

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  • 04/03/2020

    Отличный, удобный, компактный и очень яркий фонарь! В зависимости от мощности аккума, из-за отсутствия стабилизации, может светить очень сильно! На моей высокотоковой батарее удалось разогнать его аж до 8000 люмен! И это что-то с чем-то! У него широкий, размытый хот-спот поэтому с ним комфортно ходить вблизи, но и вдаль, за счёт своей мощности он светит далеко и широко - метров на 300 точно, если аккум хороший! Брал на 6500 Кельвинов, но из-за особенности sst-20 диодов на низах свечения имеет зеленоватый оттенок, на верхах же это уже чистый белый свет. Так что кого это волнует имеет смысл брать более теплые оттенки света. В остальном, при своих габаритах и мощности это просто мега-суперский фонарь!!! Рекомендую!!!

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  • 19/10/2019

    These lights are awesome. I love the build quality and size. Anduril firmware is also the best. the Aux LEDs are adjustable and will make this light an eye candy.

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  • 31/08/2020

    Супер фонарик! О-о-очень яркий, но при этом компактный и удобный! Его удобно переносить в любом кармане, кнопка отлично выступает над корпусом и легко находится и нажимается. Имеет широкий, разливной хот-спот, потому вблизи с ним приятно ходить. Но и в даль светит ярко и далеко за счёт своей мощности (если батареи хорошие). Немного расстроило неточная калибровка замера напряжения аккумулятора - показывает на две десятые единицы меньше, чем есть на самом деле. В остальном - очень классный фонарь, один из лучших в своём классе!!!

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  • 16/09/2020

    I have been wanting the MF01 mini since i started this hobby 8 months ago. The light is beautifully machined, nice balance, weight, size, and design - they are all awesome. Mine (sst-20, 5000k, bare aluminum) came with the upgraded brass plate on the positive battery connect instead of the plastic plate. Great upgrade that some buyers paid extra for from a great group of BLF'ers who engineered and machined their own copper plates. I guess i got the new batch where Astrolux stepped up and improved the design with the the metal plate - Great work Astrolux! have to really tip the hat to a company who listens to the enthusiast community and fixes a problem like that. The light is Bright! The aux LEDs are not super bright, but look really nice. THE BUTTON - my favorite button of all my lights, it just has the perfect feel not soft, not extremely hard. Its great. The beam pattern is not my favorite which surprises me bc i was looking forward to my first 7x light. The throw is great but theres just something missing with the beam. anyway , glad i bought it.

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  • 20/05/2020

    The finish on this one is amazing, it has some marks here and there but the actual design and finish is like jewellery sparkling. I purchased the sliver colour, with the 4000K HI CRI LED's, it has PWN which i didn't realize at the time i usually check for that, most people said they couldn't notice, you can't look at it and see it, but you can feel it. Charging works great, using EFEST 26650 35A battery, I can't verify max brightness (lumens) but it is very bright. This one does step down very quickly as others have mentioned, but after a minute, if you doucle click again it goes right back to turbo, and then it's staring to get very hot, so the short 15 second bursts for this tiny light is fine.

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  • 18/10/2019

    Astrolux keeps on producing more & more impressive torches with every release, this Pocket Sun is incredible, especially when the price is factored in. Toykeeper's UI is just the same, better & better with each rollout, the Anduril UI is so simple yet so powerful. My closest equivalent torch to this in my Emisar D4S, the UI is almost the same but the MF01 Mini just seem better in every way, especially in visible brightness when using a Molicel P42A. The only doubts you should have about buying one is which colour and tint to choose.

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    Hiển thị nguyên bản
  • 27/07/2021

    Super Tolle und Handliche Taschenlampe. Starke 5500 Lumen mit richtigen Batterien! Sehr günstig und Sofirn Kopflampe war Geschenk dazu! Danke Baggood! Sicher bald wieder!

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  • 15/10/2019

    small, lightweight... fits in pocket and a little light rocket! Very bright and the sst-20 4000k once again is a beautiful high cri tint to go with the sand color body. Comes with adapters to fit 21700 (I use Samsung 40t) and 18650 batteries and zero rattle inside... mechanical lockout is also easy with just a slight twist at the back. quality dual springs, usb-c charging, anodizing perfect and the light output insane. apart from it's bigger brother the mf01s... this was the best purchase all year for me.

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