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  • 23/11/2021

    Really impressive light, the ANDURIL Simple UI is full fat on this one with double tap for full turbo from off!!! With warm cells it hit the 16000 lumens claim. Here is my in depth youtube review:

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  • 03/01/2022

    In Comparison with the Q8 pro The EC06 is Brighter but it gets Hot fast in just 10sec while in the Q8 pro gets hot at 30se. Both Flashlight are 6500k ver but I noticed that the EC06 is warmer than the Q8 pro, The EC06 Feels Sharp and it's kind of annoying for me It's the currently the cheapest 20k lumen flashlight that I know but it has its drawbacks mainly the Sharp edges and it gets Hot quick

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  • Ari Neo

    Luar biasa, ini Senter yang sangat terang, kalian semua wajib beli senter Astrolux EC06 ini, jangan ragu karena kalian akan sangat puas dan riang apabila mempunyai senter ini

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  • 08/01/2022

    Powerful light when used with VAPCELL T42 50A 21700 batteries. check out the video it's amazing!!!! 100% worth the buy. (flat top or button top work but found button top to be better) WATCH IT LIGHT UP THIS FARMERS FIELD WITH EASE!

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  • 03/01/2022

    Good walking flashlight 😀 I use the 21700 45a molicel batteries. 26.000 lumen with those.

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  • 10/01/2022

    very nice product This is a great flashlight. as I have been waiting for my arrival It is a very bright flashlight. I am impressed with the quality of the product. User interface It's great for Anduril 2 that began to be installed in newer flashlights Overall, I am very impressed with this powerful flashlight. Thanks.

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  • 21/11/2021

    awesome...just using 1 samsung 30t light up magnificently ...

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  • 15/03/2022

    I had try the Astrolux EC06 for some days. The batteries that i used was the 21700 Sony VTC6A, that says can discharge with more than 30A. I dont recomend the use of 18650 unless they designed for such high drain (is dangarous). Its arrived very fast to greece. The flashlight build is very solid plus is water resistand. Its very powerfull, the beam at full power on simple ui reach every spot i light more than 300m, so it can go further as specification says. The Anduril looks pretty good, very responsive and with some usefull features as voltage check, lock mode (to prevent accidentally power on when carry then on storage). With simple ui you can use it as a normal flashlight with the basic must have feature as normal & hight power mode (simple & double click) as you can adjust the brightness from lvery low to max. With 4 clicks you can enter in lock mode and the voltage you can check it with 3 clicks from off state. In advanced ui you had the same features with advanced functionality plus some extra as strobe flashing & other modes, factory reset, temp check and standby led setup. On the other side, the EC06 is a little heavy due to robust aluminium alloy. A lot heavier than single 18650 flashlights. Another con is that at hight lumen they get hot very quickly. So in that case you must hold it near bottom. Btw thats why is heavy, for cooling. I hope the XHP50.2 led Tjunction temp is as near as the cree's XHP50.2 that is 150C and last at these temps. Lastly, in images you cant understand how bright is as camera didn't help. Also it includes extra sealing rings

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  • PatVIP2

    very Good Flashlight and Amazing bright in vapcell 42T Seller Fast Shipping My order EC06 COD 15 Day to Thailand I'd recommend ++++++++++

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  • 01/09/2022

    Super Wunderschöne Taschenlampe und sehr gut verarbeitet zu meinem Geburtstag! Super Qualität! LED ist super hell super 21000 Lumen! Schnell angekommen nach Deutschland 5 Tagen! Sicher bald wieder!

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