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  • May-28 2020 07:39:08

    Produkt wurde schlecht verpackt Verpackung beschädigt So geht Banggood mit verkaufter Ware um Hauptsache 2,29€ Shipping kosten nicht ok

    Bình luận
  • August-04 2020 02:55:37

    No soft protection like bubblewrap in package

    Bình luận
  • May-25 2017 02:46:24

    Arrived in Australia in 9 days using priority direct mail. Packed in an anti static bag with foam wrapping inside an unpadded plastic delivery satchel. Display works well with ANET A8, but need to configure for full graphic display in configuration.h file. This is easy to do using skynet3D firmware 2.3.2. The rotary dial makes menu selection and parameter setting much quicker than the original 5 button display.

    Bình luận
  • martyw1
    September-27 2017 17:26:48

    If you are looking for an upgrade to the screen provided with the ANET A8 with the buttons that sometimes work this is the one for you. Once the firmware on the Anet A8 board is updated to the latest marlin 1.1.5 you will be able to use this controller instead of the old one by selecting it in the config h file. There are lots of instructions on how to do this on the web

    Bình luận
  • January-10 2018 10:27:13

    Potentiomètre fluide et bon cran, nattes assez longue, bouton costaud, me reste plus qu'à le brancher et reconfigurer ma machine pour.

    Bình luận
  • July-11 2018 13:48:54

    pretty much plug and play with the board from anet a8. thanks.

    Bình luận (1)
  • July-05 2017 06:12:35

    Arrivato in Italia in meno di un mese effettivo, in busta antistatica e gomma morbida. Buona qualità.

    Bình luận
  • December-17 2018 03:31:23

    Přesně splňuje co má.

    Bình luận
  • November-13 2020 05:38:32

    very good screen at a budget price

    Bình luận
  • September-19 2020 06:47:00

    Bien reçu, c'est parfait, merci

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