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Chỉ đánh giá từ quốc gia của bạn (United States)
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Một phần của bài đánh giá đã được dịch tự động.

  • 22/10/2022

    Είναι το δεύτερο που χρησιμοποιώ!!! .. ήρθε αρκετά γρήγορα και δίχως φθορά, λόγω της καλής συσκευασίας!! ..για τα χρήματα του μάλλον είναι δίκαιη αγορά... ..μην ζητάτε πολλά για την airband...δεν τα πάει καλά..ούτε γράφει πουθενά στην οθόνη AM.... Η ισχύς περίπου 5 watt. Δύσκολος χειρισμός αν δεν είσαι γνώστης..θέλει ψάξιμο... Πρακτική λύση η φόρτιση με t- C βύσμα... Καλή διαμόρφωση!!! ...

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  • 31/08/2022

    .. ήρθε αρκετά γρήγορα και δίχως φθορά λόγω της καλής συσκευασίας!! .. καλό μηχάνημα για χρήση!! .. δύσκολο στον προγραμματισμό αν έχεις συνηθίσει σε άλλα Κινέζικα ( Baofeng...) αλλά έχει manual στα Αγγλικά και πολύ εύκολα το προγραμματίζεις... ...ο δέκτης είναι καλός και η ισχύς στα 4-5 watt .. ..η μπαταρία καλή...στην ακρόαση κρατάει αρκετά στην χρήση φεύγει γρήγορα.... ..για τα χρήματα του δίκαιη αγορά... Ευανάγνωστη οθόνη για ηλικιωμένους!!!!

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  • 23/10/2022

    Everything exactly as I expected. Top quality at the best price and super fast delivery

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    Hiển thị nguyên bản
  • 28/06/2022

    Zásilka dorazila v termínu,pečlivě zabalena v celku v profesionálním balení.Jedná se o vícepásmový přijímač s možností vysílat v povolených pásmech.Zpracování odpovídá úrovni techniky.S obsluhou se teprve seznamuji,protože možnost komunikace je opravdu široká.Spokojenost na první pohled!

    Bình luận
    Hiển thị nguyên bản
  • 18/07/2023

    Ordered Green.....received Yellow! Please supply Green ones, as ordered.

    Bình luận
    Hiển thị nguyên bản
  • 11/08/2023

    Still trying everything out. I ordered the green and received yellow, but thats ok. yellow looks good as well. Some things are tricky to program from the radio but it works great from the computer. The software is available for download at Abbree website, but you can also use the free Chirp program, it has a profile for this radio. Same cable I use on Baofeng and others worked fine, just a straight thru cable with no chip I believe. one thing I don't really like but not a big deal, you can't have it in frequency mode and change the channel, pressing the up down arrows in frequency mode just changes the frequency. if you are using a repeater, make sure it's in repeater mode or the offset will not be applied. You have to long press the RP key toggle freq mode. I haven't programmed much in yet, I have one local repeater that will acknowledge that I am hitting the repeater but it seems there is a slight feedback squeak when I unkey. Have not got a signal report from anyone yet, I just got the radio today. The screen is useless in sunlight, you can't see a thing, but you can always turn on voice prompt to tell you what channel you are on. Only other issue is I am in USA and it came with an EU wall plug, and adapter would have been nice, but the fact that is is USB C, makes it a non issue because I just grabbed a USB C cable and charged it from my computer. My phone charger is a rapid charger and I don't know if you would want to charge this with a rapid charger, you need to be careful with LiOn batteries. For the price, it's an alright radio. Really light weight, lighter than a UV5R. I will share a few pics of the screen inside and outside. one pic is of the screen on inside, one is screen off inside, and the other is screen on outside. Overall I am satisfied with my purchase, it's a sleek looking radio. Gonna try and do a video review on YouTube, if I can I will add it here later.

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  • 03/11/2023

    perfekt OK

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    Hiển thị nguyên bản
  • 14/11/2022

    Ürün gayet güzel. Malzeme kalitesi biraz daha iyi olabilirdi. Anten kutudan yamuk çıkıyor ve düzelmiyor.

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  • 06/05/2022


    Bình luận
    Hiển thị nguyên bản
  • 12/02/2024

    Good radio

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