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  • October-10 2020 08:31:57

    Great metal foot switch. you will need to replace the cable . it's only 150mm! Fairly simple to open the switch and solder a longer cable. recommended

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  • February-22 2020 08:54:46

    is working perfect, good quality, I using for a battery welder machine.

    Bình luận
  • October-26 2020 11:00:32

    Solid construction. Fast delivery to Cape Town, South Africa

    Bình luận
  • July-02 2020 00:20:36

    I use it for DIY Spot welder controller. I t is work well & good foot's feeling.

    Bình luận
  • October-07 2019 17:05:50


    Bình luận
  • April-12 2019 08:41:00

    Thank you, verry fast arrived

    Bình luận
  • March-23 2019 17:27:04

    good device ok

    Bình luận
  • November-27 2018 14:16:49

    very nice tool for my cylinder

    Bình luận
  • December-04 2019 16:28:59

    good quality strong spring and strong switch. I removed the spring because I use the device (full covered with plastic bag) inside a tank of wood pellets. when pellets level is high, a green led is lighting and when level is low, a red led with buzzer is lighting. switch strength is enough to do the job. couldn't find any other device for solid fuel level

    Bình luận
  • May-05 2020 04:50:42

    Metal cast quite precise and rigid, nicely painted )maybe the color is not that practical... Inside cables soldered flat to the microswitch, no insulation. If something get loose you may get jolted... For this price - ok, get it ,review inside, fix insulation and enjoy.

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