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Q: internally they are not threaded,why? I will ask refound

Soran Morinista Açık 2020-10-28 08:56:10

Pratfall They are threaded.

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Thi ther It's easy to check the current exchange rate. Just click on the drop-down "Currency" menu to select your preferred currency. https://www.banggood.com/Search_hl68_at280

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Q: what number does the turn signal have?

Soran Morinista Açık 2020-01-16 08:15:15

Bibelot maybe you can contact them at cservice@banggood.com for inquiry.

2020-02-18 12:08:49 Yararlı (0)
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TinyCutie May be you can use the “contact us” to contact the banggood customer service team.

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Morinista un difetto importante e' che all'accensione,alla minima potenza, dell'interruttore AC fa saltare,a volte, l'interruttore automatico di rete.

Kostas K 2019-08-30 13:43:47
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Q: you send me basil

Soran gionnip Açık 2017-11-14 09:55:14

Morinista same to me

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