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  • June-13 2020 09:42:25

    This is an ultralight, well made little model. Just been out and flown it and.... it rocks. Definitely not a good choice as first time model, you'll want to laminate or at least put packing tape on the wing tips as they are very flimsy and tape or lam on the leading edges to keep them nice. The drift will "fly for days" om a 2S battery. Cannot wait to set it up with FPV & iNav. Also set the elevator servo on the middle control horn hole with 50% or more expo in the Tx, plus the CG is incorrect,

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  • September-18 2020 00:22:54

    Great little plane and easy to setup and fly. If you buy one you wont be disappointed. Super long flights with a 2S 18650 li-ion pack. Can handle mild windy days and even good for long range. A great model from ZOHD. I made some fake eyes (see photos) to put on the wings and this stops eagles and hawks from attacking the Drift. Setup with Crossfire and AKK 1200Mw Vtx. Using ZOHD Kopilot with GPS and flys nice.

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  • July-16 2020 19:20:23

    package arrived little smashed from shipping but all items inside were in great shape. this is an awesome little glider. maiden was a little bit of a handful with model level with CG marks. made nose dip down using CG marks and it flys very nice with a full turn of the control horn of up trim. used both 2S and 3S and flys really well with either for a nice evening cruiser. I mounted the all in one ZOHD fpv 5.8ghz camera and love it.

  • September-16 2020 13:57:55

    Очень классный самолет! Маленький, очень легкий, летает очень тихо Места внутри очень мало - вставлял контроллер Matek F405 CTR - в верхний отсек никак не влезает, только в нижний вошел, при этом нужно передвинуть ESC. Коробка пришла сильно помятой, к сожалению часть левого крыла была

  • July-04 2020 08:07:38

    Aliante fantastico. Me ne sono innamorato subito e l'ho preso in preordine. Ci ha messo un po' ad arrivare. Ho scelto la versione completa con ZOHD cam inclusa nella confezione perché facendo due conti era quella più vantaggiosa. È un aliante/veleggiatore molto stabile ideale per basse velocità (non superiori a 50km/h). Batteria con connettore XT30 (vedi foto) da prendere a parte. Ricevente non inclusa, da installare a parte. Molto soddisfatto dell'acquisto, è stato amore a prima vista. Arrivato

  • August-13 2020 07:32:32

    at first hand it seams good. but after monting it together the workersn have made the tail section wrong with alignment . look at photos . and the servo connectors in the wing is at not the right height either. needed to push them down to be able to connect with fuselage

  • July-31 2020 13:28:15

    ZOHD DRIFT FPV version arrived in 9 days to UK. Packaged well. Looks like another quality product from ZHOD and from what other people have and what I have seen on YouTube I know it will be good value. Can’t wait to assemble, fly around and have fun!

  • July-23 2020 02:44:01

    Nice little model. Box and contents arrived in good condition. When assembled an issue with the tail became apparent. Either the tail boom mount fittings or the fin has been glued in the wrong position, the fin is not vertical and the horizontal stabilser is tilted. As all modellers know this will cause the model to fly poorly. There is no adjustment as all the parts are glued. It requires a new tail boom. No other reviewers mention this issue and it is not like Zohd to miss this as part of their

  • November-16 2020 01:39:33

    Хоть коробка и мята, с самолётом все в порядке, по сравнению с даром 250 место для компонентов меньше

  • September-06 2020 01:38:27

    Amazing little model, went together easily gps bit of tight fit but otherwise perfect the kopilot gets gps lock within 30 seconds to 1 min rtl works perfectly, launch assist spot on, easy to set up (watch youtube video) and works on an 3s 850 can get an hour just floating around, it is light wind model but flys amazingly well camera image is ok bit wide angle but vtx/camera work well set to 200 does 1.5 k fine like the lipo voltage in hud great value for the £ easy to pack in the car !


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