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  • February-12 2020 09:39:18

    The item was well packed and arrived without any damage. I made some quick tests. Tested the scope function with 10 kHz and 10 MHz square signal. At 10 MHz it have larger distorsion compared to a Hantek 2D72 scope. The sine shape is acceptable at 25MHz and good at 5MHz. The voltmeter tested with LT1021CCN8 5V and 10V voltage references. The measured values are in the tolerance of the reference ICs. The instrument sucks the batteries so it is recomended to use rechargeable ones. The quiet mode is

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  • March-03 2020 15:05:54

    ODLIČAN merni uređaj. U jednom uređaju multimetar, odličnih karakteristika, i OSCILOSKOP koji zadovoljava najčešće potrebe za grafičkim prikazom signala. Jednostavno za korišćenje. Odnos Cena/Kvalitet na najvišem nivou. Moja iskrena preporuka. Ostaje zauvek među mojim mernim uređajima.

  • December-16 2019 05:58:09

    The Oscilloscope is a lot better than the MT8206 indeed: Far better picture, huge increase in frequency range. I connected to Danui FY3200S signal generator and parallel my old Dynatek (CRT) scope. MT8206 barely showed 50 kHz, where MDS8207 got to 24 MHz - although I did need to increase output voltage (not sure if this is signal generator, cables or 2 scopes in parallel).

  • September-24 2020 01:38:41

    I've been using this product for a couple of weeks now. It was delivered in a cardboard box that was damaged during transport, but it's contents were fine. The multi-meter itself comes with a protective bag that is only just large enough to fit the multi-meter and it's accessories. It isn't the fastest multi-meter around, but it certainly isn't slow and the probes are not the best, but certainly not the worst I've seen. The same can't be said for the temperature probe, which feels flimsy and is

  • July-27 2020 12:39:08

    I got this multimeter for basic repairs when my profi amprobe multimeter just isn't good enough and I need to see oscilloscope. Voltage, freq and duty cycle work great with absolute accuracy. Resistance and capacity is also measured exactly, But amperes have cca 1% error, so that's not great and not terrible. The test leads howerer won't withstand 10A, they get really hot, I recommend buying better leads. mA measurement is accurate. Multimeter has HOLD function with small window that shows actual

  • June-27 2020 04:00:47

    This product is amazing, just packed with features. It's a multi-meter on steroids. Solid construction, with excellent probs, separate temperature probe. The display is easy to read. This is the perfect all in one unit. Quick auto setting readings, measuring old battery auto scaled 6V range quickly. 1k ohm resistor very accurate...but the oscilloscope is ideal. Although the small screen makes it hard to read finer details, but performs perfectly. Very happy with this product.

  • June-16 2020 17:49:38

    Works perfectly! The only drawback I found so far is that it doesn't remember its "silent" mode setting, so each time, when you start it, you'll have to set it to silent... Battery lasts surprisingly long.

  • June-23 2020 16:28:05

    Simply useful. Good and perfect is not enough to describe this amazing tool! Fast delivey to Brazil, less of 30 days, and no problem with taxes import. Well package and working as described. Thanks BG.

  • June-02 2020 02:43:13

    今日、届きました! お試しにコンセントの100V60Hzを見てみました。 Arrived today! I tried to see the outlet 100V 60Hz as a trial.

  • April-20 2020 07:35:36

    The display has a blur in the corners, but it's nothing that affects usage. I have tested with the cellphone function generator app and it's working fine.


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