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What is BGpay?


BGpay(Banggood Wallet) is a convenient, fast and safe payment method for Banggood users. You can top-up money into your BGpay account and then use the balance to pay for Banggood orders. Order refunds can also be sent directly to your BGpay account.

You can watch this video for more information.


Why should I use BGpay?


With BGpay payment, you can:

  • Save more with exclusive BGpay deals and events;

  • Enjoy fast and secure payment.



Where can I access the BGpay?


  • In the drop-list of “My account”;

  • On the “My Account”> ”My BGpay” page;

  • On the shopping cart page;

  • On the “My Orders”> “Unpaid Orders”.



How do I activate BGpay?


Step 1: Verify your email address. We’ll send a verification email, open the email and click the verification link.

Step 2: Set your payment password:  create an 8-16 character password, containing letters and numbers. This password is required when making payments or account changes.

Step 3: Set your security questions (optional). Security questions are used when you reset your password. For maximum security, we strongly recommend you set answers that only you would know.



How do I top-up my BGpay account?


Step 1: Go to “ My Account”>”My BGpay”>”Top Up”;

Step 2: Enter the top-up amount;

Step 3: Choose Bank;

Step 4: Go to your bank (or online) and transfer funds from your account into the Banggood receiving account;

Step 5: Go to “ My Account”>”My BGpay”>” Transfer” >Find the corresponding order >Upload Transfer Receipt;

Step 6: We will confirm the transaction and process the top-up within 1 business day from the day we receive your Transfer Receipt.


Note: The transfer receipt you upload should contain the following information

  • Transfer time

  • Currency

  • Your bank name

  • Your bank address

  • Banggood's bank account number


An example Transfer Receipt is below:




How do I receive a refund into my BGpay account?


Before Your Order Ships:

If you cancel your order from the order status page, our system will automatically generate a refund request. If you selected to receive the refund into your BGpay account, the refund will be transferred when customer service authorizes the transaction.


After Your Order Ships:

Contact our customer service team and ask for a refund, the request will be handled in the same way as our regular returns/refund policy.  When making the request, ask our service team to transfer the refund to your BGpay account.



How do I pay with BGpay?


Step 1: Go to the shopping cart page;

Step 2: Select the same currency as your BGpay account;

Step 3: Choose BGpay as your payment method;

Step 4: Click “Check Out”and go to the payment page;

Step 5: Enter your payment password.



Can I withdraw my BGpay balance?


Yes, you can withdraw the money of order refunds. However, not all funds can be withdrawn:


①An order refund credited to a BGpay account can be returned to the original payment account, the request must be made within 120 days from the date of the original order payment.

②Funds added via Wire Transfer Top-up, affiliate withdrawal credit and promotion rewards cannot be withdrawn.

③Frozen Funds cannot be withdrawn.

④If  the original order was paid by Doku wallet/ATM Indonesia/Alfamart/Konbini/COD/ Multibanco/Bank Transfer/Dragonpay-ebanking/Dragonpay-CVS,a direct withdrawal is not possible. You will need to provide your PayPal account to complete the withdrawal. If you don't have a PayPal account, the withdrawal will not be possible.You can contact us for further details.


Funds that cannot be withdrawn can only be used to pay when shopping on the website.



How do I withdraw money from my BGpay wallet?


Enter the amount you would like to withdraw and click withdraw. The funds will return to the PayPal account or credit card from which the original payment was taken.



How long does it take for the money withdrawn to appear in my account?


Please check our expected refund processing times for specific details.

Please keep in mind that funds are returned to the PayPal or credit card account that was used to make the payment.



Is my BGpay balance safe and secure?


All BGpay transactions require your payment password. Provided you use a strong password and keep it a secret, your account will remain secure.



How can I check the transaction records of my BGpay?


You can see a full record of all transactions and your current balance at “My Account”>”My BGpay”>”Transactions Record.”



How do I change my payment password?


You can update your password by going to “My Account”>”My BGpay”>”Security Settings.”



What can I do when my account has been frozen due to entering the incorrect password too many times?


If you incorrectly enter the password more than 3 times in 24 hours, your account will be temporarily frozen. Your account will be automatically unfrozen after 24 hours.



How can I change my security questions?


Step 1: Go to “My Account”>”My BGpay”>”Security Settings”;

Step 2: We will send a verification email to confirm the change;

Step 3: Click the link in the email to confirm the change.



How many BGpay currency wallets can I have?


You can have multiple currency accounts. The default account is in USD, and you can also have other accounts in another (Not USD) currency.  



How can I create the second currency (NOT USD) BGpay account?


Non USD currency accounts are automatically created when you ask for a refund to be paid in your local currency.


You can also manually create a non USD currency account by following the instructions below:

Step 1: Go to “ My Account”>”My BGpay”>”Security Settings”>”Add Currency Account”;

Step 2: Select the currency to add;

Step 3: Enter your BGpay password;

Step 4: Create Account.


Exception Handling


Contact our customer service if you experience any of the following:

  • You place an order, and the amount has been deducted from your account, but the order status is "Processing";

  • You are unable to access or use your BGpay account.


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