Teslimat Yeri United Kingdom , USD
Mark 2019-11-26 07:46:34
Awesome phone and at the best price.
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  • CastroDani I feel that I was deceived by your services, it is an abuse what they are doing.
    I placed an order for an inflatable, worth 200 €.
    You only shipped half of the order, essential parts for the proper functioning of the article are missing, now you do not want to send the rest or refund the customer for an error that is yours? where is the justice of your services ....
    See the Re 未 邮件: Re: 未 下载 邮件: Ticket # Wrong or missing item 1338966 in order 75416735
    Take the responsibility ... don't worry about the customer

    Cevap 2019-11-29 03:12:33
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