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Yalnızca ülkenizden yorumlar (United States)
  • August-03 2020 14:56:04

    Beautiful looking keycaps and feel nice to type on. Fit on my geek gk61 perfectly. These are not shine thru so don't expect the RGB to shine thru the keycap and illuminate the legends which can make seeing them harder when darker but if you buy these keycaps sets you should be aware of this already.

  • September-06 2020 14:19:01

    It’s very good, the quality doesn’t feel cheap. but it’s still plasticy. it’s not a big deal, so it’s fine. the only thing that could be improved is if the letters were transparent or frosted, because you cannot see any sort of rgb of the keycaps. you can see the outer part but the keys themselves are impossible to see. i’ll put a picture of the rgb in the review. i would recommend this keyboard to anyone who likes it. if there’s anything u want to know just ask!

    Yorumlar (1)
  • November-03 2020 07:26:27

    This Keycap set is really pretty. I can't compare with other PBT keycaps, but it is 100 times better than normal abs. The prints in spacebar, esc, and enter key are wellmade. Shipping was really fast. Reccomended.

    Yorumlar (1)
  • December-06 2020 08:10:50

    came 2 weeks longer than expected, but its amazing, fine quality, us layout, i mixed the keycaps with the original ones on my keyboard 10/10. would love it to be nordic layout tho

  • April-04 2020 12:34:55

    I got these yesterday, and while they're great overall, they aren't as thick as they should be for this price. I paid $42 Canadian for this set, which certainly isn't premium territory, but is also above the budget realm. Having said all that... they're great. The aesthetic is even more beautiful in person. The fonts are a bit small, but also very vivid, so that will be resolved with more use. Recommended as long as you're not expecting a thicker cap. For those wondering, these were installed

    Yorumlar (2)
  • January-02 2021 20:05:47

    awesome keycaps feel incredible and look as good as they feel, only problem i have is they sit a little bit high on my gateron reds so i can see my stabs slightly more then id like but they are great.

  • August-11 2020 05:29:18

    These keycaps are very nice for the price, they are thick and have a nice texture to them. You get arrow keys, different size keycaps and a wire keycap puller (white) which was very nice too. I would rate this 5/5 for anyone who is on a budget but wants some good quality keycaps!

  • July-23 2020 17:45:54

    These keycaps are amazing, They came a week after I ordered them and They arrived nicely packaged. On my Dierya 61 key every key fit fine except for the right shift key. The right shift key started to give me trouble with the stabilizers, but I seemed to get it to work. the specially designed keycaps such as the ESC key and the spacebar are very nicely made. the spacebar has a special texture for good grip, too. Overall definitely worth the money Id say. If you’re thinking about getting them, shoot

    Yorumlar (1)
  • October-24 2020 15:13:23

    Look pretty groovy, feel nice too

    Yorumlar (2)
  • November-23 2020 21:54:33

    Very good keycaps! Arrived earlier than expected. good detail in the designs of the ones that have pictures. Got them for my Anne Pro 2 keyboard.


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