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  • February-02 2017 17:07:08

    I want to use it in my table as an anti-static pad for electronics. It is quite thick and the size it is big so Ok.

  • August-18 2020 06:51:43

    conforme a la description, cela reste un simple tapis antistatique mais il fait le boulot.

  • June-15 2020 05:38:59

    Nice one. It came as advertised It sticks easily to the working bench. A bit smelly though (intense plastic odour). Unfortunately very slow delivery.

  • May-12 2020 12:07:47

    Everything is ok.

  • March-04 2016 18:45:48

    Very nice mat. Bought the smaller version first but the larger one is better. Would have been nice if there was a connector to connect it to earth then again as long as everything has the same potential it should be ok (i.e. put stuff in an ESD bag on the mat first before unpacking). One small issue. They cello-taped it together and when I removed it the glue stuck to the mat. Removed it with white spirit which didn't seem to harm the mat. For people trying to measure the resistance, it's too high

  • March-03 2016 07:20:53

    This mat is great for the electronic home shop. The mat is about 1M on the black side and green side is not conductive, is static dissipative and that is better than static conductive because you can put over it a powered device without short circuiting the PCB traces. Of course, when installing this require a clinch snap conector and a earth bonding bar (this two items not found in Banggood, search eBay or somewhere else, I wish Banggood had this too) When you connect several ESD mats and wrist

  • January-06 2018 04:03:40

    The item is pretty much as expected. The top side seems to be heat resistant, but I'm not sure about ESD capabilities though. The rubber smell is there but it's not that bad as other reviews said. All in all, it's of acceptable quality and I have no special complaints, except that the packaging could be better as to prevent hard folding which left a couple of permanent marks on the surface on mine.

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  • June-03 2016 15:05:48

    Like someone else mentioned - I placed mine outside in the sun on a flat surface to flatten it out. Used an alligator clip to ground it. Using a megger I read about 1.5 megohms to ground anywhere on the green surface. Cant comment on the durability. I will order another.

  • January-04 2018 12:12:10

    Watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7FFrZl9ymFw "Dave is tired of hearing comments that ESD work mats are conductive and effect your measurements. So here's proof that they don't."

  • October-03 2017 10:38:05

    bon rapport qualité prix je ne pense pas qu'il va duré très longtemps a moins de faire vraiment attention les brûlures vont vite apparaître les marques des châssis et autre choses posé dessus


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