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  • TomVIP4
    November-14 2020 18:16:47

    Works as stated. The blue spark is very tiny but the luminescent bulb lights up spectacularly. You can present it like a nice trick to the kids. I have added a thermo-silicone paste between the transistors and their heat sinks. And finally I put a small fan from an old video-card - no worry to burn out the transistors even at 25 V.

  • February-14 2020 04:46:13

    Very nice item, take care that the primary winding L1 (i used 2 turns) is in the opposite direction of the secundary coil L2! experimenting with the numbers of turns of L1 and the voltage 12-24V gives different results…I have made 2 little video's, but cannot add them :(

  • January-11 2021 14:57:05

    جميلة جدآ . ملاحظة يرجى الانتباه الي اتجاه الملف الثاني وابعاده عن ملف الاول L1 . لان الدارة لن تعمل بشكل قوي وصحيح في حال كان اتجاه الملف L2 غير صحيح .

  • April-07 2020 05:59:44

    Product as description. Assembled diy kit and tested ok. Used only half of wire provided in the kit to make pimary coil, only 2 turns around the HV coil. Supply voltage around 18V to get a visible spark. Good product. Recommend.

  • March-01 2020 03:37:58

    instructions were in Chinese but with help from schematics and videos got it assembled. isolation on the tip of coil tends to burn away while coil is operating.

  • January-10 2021 18:21:30

    the cost of including instructions in English would be well worth it otherwise its a cool little kit. circuit board is a bit fragile as mine has a broken connection somewhere. I'm not going to waste my time looking for it over a 7 dollar kit.

  • May-08 2020 11:56:51

    good quality parts . fun family project. I bought 3 just to modify 1 to take it to the next level. you will need a power supply . I have lit up florescent light black light and a UV light

  • August-08 2020 18:57:48

    Ha llegado más tarde de lo que esperaba, y eso que era una de una oferta que ofrecian la llegada en una semana, "one week delivery" creo que se llama. A mí me ha tardado tres. Pero bueno, tampoco era una necesidad extrema. En cambio otro pedido que realicé el mismo día lo recibí tres semanas antes y me hizo más ilusión. El producto ha llegado bien empaquetado con todas las piezas. Ahora toca montarlo y disfrutar.

  • April-03 2020 14:15:35

    Fantastic toy for the home school kids. Demonstrate: 1. Energy transfer.....current to the coil primary....secondary coil Magnetic Field collapse and arc discharge.....IONIzed Air Particles alighting fluorescent light (even large fluorescent tubes) 2. Spark Gap Radio.....haha what fun like an AM RADIO....hear songs via the spark 3. Kit Building skills Tips: Same principle as car ignition coil.....Voltage amplification is determined by coil ratio. 1: 350 gives best results. Don't need the full

  • September-08 2020 13:45:56

    easy build project. don't let the outer coil touch the inner. it heats the wires up and melts the insulation. not as much of a light show as I was hoping for but cool none the less

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