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adam69187666 2017-10-11 11:53:36
it won't go into bind mode also one website says it's 3.3v only another website says it's 3.3 to 5v and it says 5v on the rx so I tried 5v and 3.3 and neither woukd work but if it's 3.3 only then it could habe fried when it got 5v so I don't kniw but I waited forever for it and it won't work
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  • Hawki Hi Adam, I don't know this receiver yet, but, I'm sure you didn't fry it with the 5vdc. This one is made to operate at that voltage. Did you try to bind through the FC using CLI commands? Go here for full instructions: http://www.propwashed.com/spektrum-receivers-with-betaflight/Hope that helps

    Cevap 2017-10-23 13:20:20
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