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Sniper4you3 2020-02-04 00:56:16
The Dragonfly KK13 is an ok drone, however the one I received has not even flown yet. I received a defective battery so I can't even power on my drone. I've contacted Banggood Customer Support. They haven't replied back to me yet on what they will do to resolve this issue. The build quality of this drone is ok but some of the features don't even work. The SD card slot doesn't record video to the card as it should, but does record to your phone. The optical flow works but the drone still moves around. The controller is ok as well but one of the buttons (master mode) is not explained in the manual. There are no procedures for how to switch between mode 1 and mode 2. The concept of this drone is very good but the drone needs work to improve issues that it has. Hope this helps someone else.
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  • BG191155725 comprei o produto nem recebi e estou muito decepcionado com esse site da banggood. vendem um produto que não e o mesmo da Propaganda acho isso uma falta de respeito com o consumidor nunca mais compro um produto aki

    Cevap 2020-03-12 03:39:01
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