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evoxslay13 2019-11-29 03:20:10
This is the second one i had bought. unfortunately this one has some issues. first of all something going on with the receiver of this unit and some times receive the signal of the door/window sensors and sometimes no it is notthe sensors problem i have checked that. the second one is that the screen is flickering. i don't know why. i had never dropped the unit,i had never hit the screen and this is happening a couple of weeks now and this is not a good sign.Also the rfid sensor has issues and it is extremely difficult to arm/disarm the alarm and i am sure that is the unit issue and not the rfid tags problem because the same rfids tags ( 4 different) i have tested also to my other unit and all them works fine. to conclusion,i beleive that this one it is a faulty unit from the beginning. this is can happen but it is a critical part of my house security and i am counting to that, so i am disappointed.
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