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smithjg 25/02/2021
This product looks good from the description and what has come in the box is exactly what I was expecting with a couple of minor variations. 1. It is supplied with a lot of screws and nuts that are additional to the needs. Very Good - no need to worry about one missing. Also provided were three Allen Keys which made it easy for assembly. 2. The metal parts seem very sturdy. 3. The Motors seem good - they work as expected with the application of voltage to the power leads allowing forward and reverse. Also unlike other models the motors have encoders fitted which is essential to get the speeds on each wheel correct. I will be working to write the software for a small microcontroller to adequately control the wheel speeds. That's the main reason for this project - I am sure software already exits but its my aim to write my own. 4. One thing that surprised me was the mounting for the Wheels - this chassis seems to be developed for a tracked vehicle in mind with one motor mount per side high up. For this kit that motor mount can be used but is not in line with the other places where the wheels can be mounted. I believe I have affixed the motors and the wheels at more appropriate points but this required drilling three more holes for screws in each side. 5. The size and price seem to be perfect - the wheels are excellent, although one tyre is mounted the opposite way around from the others which just looks a little funny. 6. The delivery was much faster than expected and it came via Royal Mail. (UK) 7. I had an additional metal plate in the kit which will be very useful but is not essential and I suspect more suited to the tracked version. 8. I will investigate a tracked version as well as that looks fun to build but I don't see it being sold as such anywhere 9. I have not done the electronics yet hence no idea how well it will drive Compared to other adverts this kit seems to be really good with great wheels and good motors and very good ground clearance.
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smithjg I have one of these and am assembling it now. however on testing the motors they do go in both directions. You will need the control electronics of course to power the motor but they are not expensive

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