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Jim_Explores This radio can't receive or transmit on those frequencies for europe CB. It's a UHF/VHF radio. Now if you lived in Australia then you could use it as CB as in Australia their CB is on UHF.

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Marc1999 salutare. am luat 4 camere de la ei. la 2 am o problemă,adică merg 2-3 zile și apoi intra offline.dc scot mufa de la panoul solar și o pun la loc merge iar.semnalul wifi e full in zona lor. poți să mă ajuți cu vreun sfat.multumesv

EmanuelValeriu 15/06/2021
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Q: Hello,is it compatible with Tuya ap?

frågade av Marc1999 på 2020-10-05 03:39:25

BG341140443 Nothere is no wifi connection to pair it with tuya app, only 433mhz connectivity which means you can connect the siren with Devices that have 433mhz compability.

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