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Blackbox 2020-02-22 17:18:47
I bought two 6Ah accus. Shure i did know the problems of buying things from China... but really i can´t understand why they offer these crap instead of good quality. You lost me as a customer for these kind of batteries. I tested all sizes of batteries i have with a usb converter and a usb mutimeter. My tree year old original Makita 4Ah delivers 48,9Wh. These brand new 6Ah accus delivered 49,2Wh and 51,7Wh. So no these are not 6AH accus or they are broken. The math tell us a 6Ah accu at 18V shoud deliver 108Wh. But even if u count some loss from meassuring u still get only same amount of energy out like a 3 year old Makita accu with 4Ah. I really hope there will be a time when you can order from china without getting expensive crap with no warranty and much lower quality then original parts. I know they can do better because most good products also where made in China.
kommentarer (2)
  • JMAC1 advice: buy original, lot more expensive , but now spend money twice.

    Svar 2020-08-29 05:53:33
  • Jaro Or get proprer good quality bateries and replace the old ones in makita.

    Svar 2020-09-06 00:01:35

ladda ner appen för att få en exklusiv <b> 10% rabatt </b> kupong