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  • fufufuf

    So I got it, to replace TGY-iA6C I got with Turnigy evolution. Makes my 200 quad much tidier. To connect battery monitoring just get rid of the yellow wire and get it connected to your pdb battery output with black for groud and red for VBAT. I had to drill bigger holes to stack mount it, doesn't look like I damaged anything as everything still works. Used 3mm drill.

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  • 07/04/2017

    I got the RSSI working on this receiver. See here:

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  • 16/02/2017

    Компактный, легкий, простой в работе приемник для мультироторов. Поддерживает протокол AFHDS 2A (Automatic Frequency Hopping Digital System). На плате установлены 2 всенаправленные антенны. Работает с аппаратурой поддерживающей AFHDS 2а. К примеру FS-i10 FS-i6. FS-i6s, FS-i6x, FS-i4. FS-i4x. Для того, чтобы забиндиться - нажмите соответствующую кнопку на плате и включите питание приемника. Если светодиод на плате приемника замигал - процесс пошел. После успешного завершения аппаратура вернется в предыдущий пункт меню и светодиод перестанет моргать - будет светиться непрерывно. FS-X6B работает с 6 каналами PWM, стандартным PPM и i-BUS до 18 каналов. Можно задействовать простую телеметрию - контроль разряда бортового аккумулятора (1S-4S) от +0 до +18V. Вес: 4.5 г. Размер: 36 * 22 * 7.5 мм Запитать можно: 4.0-8.4В. 4 комплекта проводочков для всех возможных применений.

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  • 21/12/2016

    Este receptor es ligero y compacto, es perfecto para montarlo en los pilares donde montas la PDB y la FC para una construcción realmente limpia. La única pega es que los agujeros son de 2mm en vez de los que se usan habitualmente de 3mm, pero un poco de lija y se hace más grande sin afectar a ninguno de los componentes. He probado la conexión por el puerto ibus con una emisora Flysky FS-i6 y funciona a la perfección. Las antenas con conectores son una mejora muy significativa ya que te permiten substituirlas sin problemas en caso de que se dañen.

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  • 23/11/2020

    I installed one in my Mini Talon and another on a Bixler 2. Awesome range and capabilities. I might research putting a longer antenna to have a better outside exposure for the airplanes.

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  • 26/02/2018

    Please note, that the mounting holes are 2.5mm! I had to drill them into 3mm. There is also a LED near one hole, which I've had to desolder.

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  • 21/06/2017

    It comes with 3 separate 3 pin connectors, the wires are all silicon. There is also bundled with a cable with an 8 pin connector that is supposed to be used with PWM, but I guess can be re-used for other stuff eventually. Original cables for antenna has the active part cut at 23.5cm, not sure how good is this for the signal, I was expecting something closer to the 31.5cm that is the normal length for the wave length. You can order also order a pack of 10 extra antennas from here: It supports iBUS and should also support failsafe in iBUS mode, but haven't tested yet. Also some rumors it could work with the ia6b rx firmware, but not sure how good is that attempt.

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  • 15/02/2020

    good receiver. but it didn’t fit my tyro 109. so i put outside of my drone. still good 👍 it did arrive to me so quickly. it came in ten days to turkey.

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  • 04/10/2020

    I have never seen a rx look like this and this is one of the reasons I purchased it. The other reason was to test it out with my JumperT16 TX. It takes a bit to find the right protocol to get it to bind, once done it becomes fully functional and you get RSSI read and warnings. Connecting it to the FC was a breeze and it comes with three different plugs for hook up. Ibus, pwm, ppm

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  • 02/09/2017

    This is a great fit. Easy to apply to a flight stack mounting size 30.5 x 30.5mm in a quadcopter. You will have to drill the 2 mounting hole's to what fitted size of the stand off you are using.

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