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  • 19/04/2021

    Destornillador metálico con puntas magnéticas que en general es de buena calidad, la carcasa exterior es de aluminio y la base interior es de plástico, los únicos detalles son el estampado del tipo de la punta que uno está mal estampado y la base plástica que tiene una patita con unas líneas blancas como si se fuese a romper lo cual espero que no ocurra. Me llegó en menos de 2 semanas.

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  • 07/05/2021

    Chegou para o Estado de Rondônia no Brasil, estava ansioso para ver o material desse jogo de chaves da Xiaomi. Tudo perfeito, bem embalado, sem amassados ou avarias. Muito bonitas! 👏👏

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  • 05/03/2021

    The newer version comes with an updated design and a new set of bits. It may be important to you, please see the pictures and serial numbers to see which one you would need. The quality is top notch. My second set. Older version S/N: DZN4000CN, newer: DZN4020CN

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  • 26/12/2021

    Very nicely constructed screw driver set. The main case is metal with a plastic bottom. The inner tray is also plastic with magnets within to hold all the bits in. The magnets are strong enough to hold bits in when the case is upside down and shaken. The tray is push to release, and withstands shaking. The bits themselves are nicely machined with no burrs and look to be precise. Each bit is etched with the sizing and type to assist. The screw driver handle is all metal, with two opposing flat sides and a free spinning end to assist when pushing down.

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  • 10/12/2021

    This is a really nice tool set for small stuff like working on RC's like I do. I also love a little click in click out portion of it. small and very organized. The magnetized partion of it is very nice also I really appreciate that everything's marked out on each individual tip. I haven't tried out any bigger sets but for a nice small set this is the way to go. 100% Would recommend.

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  • 22/11/2021

    24 насадки в упаковке из стали S2. Твердость бит 60 HRC. Поставляется в алюминиевой коробке, компактные размеры, удобство переноски. Идеально подходит для ежедневного обслуживания дома, а также для электроники, такой как часы, фотоаппараты, радиоприемники, ноутбуки и смартфоны.

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  • 20/11/2021

    Хорошее качество исполнения. в описании в принципе всё написано. Особо ломаться здесь нечему. Думаю это самый лучший инструмент в котором есть всё необходимое для ремонта мелких приборов.

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  • 30/10/2021

    The carton box has the type of bits printed on it. The inside holder has also printed the type for each place which I find a nice touch. Another nice touch is the push to open of the box with the catch mechanism at the bottom - as in the 2 photos. The metal of the bits seems to be hardened based on the scratches I barely managed with a good quality scriber. The tip of each of the bits appears well defined which gives me some confidence in their quality. According to the printed info the maximum torque is 2Nm. The only thing that is somehow fiddly is taking the bit holder out of the case. I really like the whole set.

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  • 07/07/2021

    Em relação ao produto Tudo certo, como esperado. Único problema é que tive que buscar na agência dos correios pois o endereço não veio escrito completo como eu cadastrei, e como estava incompleto deu falha na entrega em minha casa.

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  • 03/05/2021

    доставка быстро, комплектация немного отличается от фото, что предложенно на сайте. это новая версия

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