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  • 16/01/2020

    Great product, nice price. I already save money because i manage to catch a burglar trying to unlock my bicycle and look it through the app on my phone so i run to the building..... Thank you banggood!!! (works with battery's but its better to connect power if you like to have it run full sensitivity and bigger video clips)

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  • 24/04/2019

    Received in good order. Setup was quite easy. Unfortunately i didn't have the chance to change the doorbell's volume. It's very loud. How can i lower this??

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  • 08/09/2019

    Goods Doorbell has good features like microSD card slot, multi powered, video recording, wireless, two ways intercom using cellphone, motion detection, good night vision. Cons: special batteries needed. neither moisture nor rain protection available. Mic and loudspeaker were loosen. I am going to install doorbell outdoor, I hope it last long.

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  • 11/08/2020

    Advantages: low price, very good picture quality, easy mechanical installation, built in features like auto recording, SD card built in. Disadvantages: poor user manual because it is printed with 4pt font size ( unreadable, even after scan ), the dedicated Android application is very simple, the pairing process is complicate, because it is not documented correctly, the permanent power supply option is definitely not documented at all, the Android application fail to ring the mobile phone when the ring button pushed, the indoor ring unit volume is not adjustable, the voice lag is more than 1 second in both direction. This set is rather useful for a permanent surveillance, than a video doorbell. When the guest push the ring button, the user have to start the Android app ( 10-20 second ), start the video connection ( 10-60 second ) and finally need to select the voice communication between the units. It is too long to expect the visitor waiting at the door. The cloud storage service is not available at all. Only the user initiated video has export possibility, the auto recordings playable through the Android app only.

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  • 19/09/2020

    This is excellent value for money. I initially had a problem with the colour of the video image when on batteries but that sorted itself out when I powered it via USB (before and after screenshots attached). I tested the doorbell on USB, 16V AC and batteries are all work fine. Note that many comment that 3 batteries are required. This is not true, the system will operate on 1 or 2 or 3 batteries but of course lasts longer on 3. Push notifications to the phone take 2 to 3 seconds and voice and image lag is about a second. One negative comment is that I would not mount the doorbell where it is exposed to rain. Battery compartment and USB and SD card ports are covered but not sealed.

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  • 13/11/2019

    it needs 3 x 18650 batteries and no 2 !!

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  • 28/08/2021

    Very good electronic intercom. I adapted a JST input to a 3.7v x 1A power supply, so I don't have to worry about recharging batteries. Another good offer from Banggood!!

    Pripomienky (5)
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  • 22/07/2020

    Good camera for good price. Speaker is a little bit weak, but good enough. Motion detection is sometimes a little late with detecting motion, but the chime and notifications are fast. Cloud storage works ok, but is not 100% reliable. I would like te receive notifications without sound, but thats not possible. Batteries for the camera are a little expensive, remind that. However i like the product and I’m very happy with it, thanks!

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  • 01/12/2019

    Nice little unit. Works well. In Ireland we get a lot of rain so I made an extra weather housing.

    Pripomienky (2)
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  • 06/05/2019

    It's work good. Good price & good quality.

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