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  • 15/08/2021

    My first ever mechanical keyboard! I'm extremely pleased with the quality of the keyboard for such a low price, not only that, but the shipping speed was super fast. There are so many modes and colours to the keyboard, it really makes typing a lot more enjoyable for my work. I got the red switches and white colour. Red switches makes a pleasant noise. :> There is no spring sound on the keys except for '|' key (the colour changing mode key), which isn't much of a problem. I have already been using it for 3 days, so far there hasn't been any problems. For someone who is looking to buy a budget keyboard, the Royal Kludge RK61 is a great option! I totally recommend, thank you! :>

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  • 21/07/2021

    The best wireless/wired keyboard ever !!! Used it for two separate instances , used it with smart tv and , used it with desktop. I tested both wired and wireless mode. wired mode works as expected. wireless mode has sufficient range, operated my smart tv from across another room(approx 8m away) had a whole 4hr gaming session on wireless mode. latency is on the lower side, hardly noticed any lags while playing online mmorpgs, and valorant. The backlight leds are a sight to behold, pressing each key would light up that individual key with higher brightness, also does a wavy light pattern on keypress. definitely recommended for a gaming setup. arrived within 12 days . love from india 🇮🇳 !

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  • 21/07/2021

    Ahh okay soo,, I got the rk61 in white with red switches. It took about two weeks(?) to process my order and then they ran out of stock so i had to wait for another two weeks. Pretty much month and a week later it finally got shipped and arrived to my house in 5 days!! so that was quite quick :))) I live in NZ btw so hiiiii if ur a fellow new zealander who's interested in buying this!! This is the first-ever mechanical keyboard that I've owned so i can't say much about comparing it to other keyboards!! (def better than membrane ones though) I love the backlight settings and how this keyboard got different 'layers' that you can bring up , eg, switching from arrow keys to ctrl and slash/. I also love how compact it is!! Definitely saves so much space on my desk :D The only problem that's been occuring twice now is how my y,u,i,h,j,k,n,m keys would deactivate sometimes, which I'm still not sure what the cause is. But just be mindful that if this happens to you as well, what i did is that i factory reset the keyboard by holding Fn+SpaceBar for 3 seconds straight and everything should return back to normal. I totally recommend anyone to get this as it's so worth the price!!! I was thinking of getting a huntsman mini but glad i didn't!! saved up some money in the end hehe. I'm pretty sure this is pre lubed as well from the factory ,though, i won't be surprised if i find myself lubing this keyboard just a tad more in the future since some of the keys could be quite loud. (the only thing stopping me from doing so is how expensive grease is o_o) The spacebar and backspace are probably my two favourite keys though. Very stable and satisfying. I hope this review helps!!

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  • 17/02/2022

    Klavye 2 hafta içerisinde elime ulaştı ve hiç bir çizik dahi sorun yok. Klavye beklediğimden de güzel çıktı ne yalan söyleyeyim.. 800tl denk geliyor ve kesinlikle fiyatını hak ettiğini söyleyebilirim. Klavye hakkında Soru soracak arkadaşlar çekinmeden sorabilir. (Fotoğraf kalitesi telefondan kaynaklı bulanık.. RBG'nin görsel olarak verdiği haz anlatılamaz.)

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  • 03/10/2021

    I ordered black color, red switch.it took 13 days to deliver to me via shipping method india direct mail. this was my first ever mechanical key board and i am writing this review on the day it delivered . it comes with detatchable type c cable. the key board is buttery smooth, the rgb colors and modes good. no major box damage noticed. i think it takes some time to understand all funtionalities of this key board. overall a very good key board .

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  • 02/08/2021

    Fena değil agalar. Alışması biraz zaman alabilir tuşlar olduğundan farklı çalışıyor ve ingilizce klavye. Hissiyatı efsane keycapslerin kalitesi beklediğimden daha iyi geldi. Switchler kaliteli. Ama klavyeyi iki ay bekledim kafayı yicektim ya madem stokta yok neden satılıyor stokta var yazıyordu 1 ay öyle beklettiler dedim eyvallah, 1 ay da kargo bekledim cart curt. Ürün sağlam mağaza fena değil kargo da meh.

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  • 28/07/2021

    One of the best budget keyboard in the market, this is the older non swappable version. The brown switches has very less tactile feel to it, feels almost like a red. Connectivity is superb, as soon as i switch on the device it connects to my system, very happy with that. RGB is great, battery life seems good, as of now no complaints need to test over time.

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  • 28/02/2022

    Adorei !, Muito preciso para jogos, ótimo barulinhu UwU, além de ser muito bonito, tem várias opções de cores diferentes, combinou bastante com a minha humilde mesinha aqui de casa, recomendo muito para todos, já vai fazer uma semana que estou com ele e nenhum defeito até agora, ( que bom né) Hoje já aproveitei e dei uma desmontada pra limpar e é muito fácil. Ele é ótimo e com um preço bem justo.

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  • 19/10/2021

    Teclado excelente! Chegou mais rápido do que eu esperava, em torno mais ou menos de 1 semana e meia, amei o produto, ele é bem resistente, muito bonito, vários efeitos de LED, o Bluetooth dele é muito bom, não percebi alguma diferença de delay em comparação ao usar com o cabo, ainda estou me acostumando a usar um teclado 60%, mas está sendo muito boa minha experiência, ja faz mais de 5 dias que estou usando ele. Sobre o Switch, é de ótima qualidade não sei qual é, mas acho que são os Switches Royal que é da própria marca, o meu Switch é o Blue, são bem barulhentos, nesse caso recomendo pegarem com o Switch Red ou Brown. PS: O Teclado NÃO é Hotswappable (ou seja os Switches não são removíveis com equipamento de remoção de Switch, para remover eles, você tem que abrir o teclado e fazer os procedimentos de soldagem e assim serem removidos) Mas, isso não é um grande problema, amei o teclado e recomendo demais, muito obrigado Banggood!

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  • 27/08/2021

    i just got the keyboard to be honest you don't have to lube it if you ordered the red switches i like it if you see any typos here don't mind this is the first time I'm using a 60% keyboard I'm excited af. for long term review wait, ill update it every month but i ordered a dielectric lube just in case lets see will ever need to use it or not stay tuned

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