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  • 26/12/2020

    94192750 Nolu siparişimde paketim henüz bana ulaşmadı fakat teslim edildi gözüküyor? My order number 94192750 has not reached me yet, but it seems that it has been delivered?

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  • 20/03/2021

    Came today just as described. Very happy with it, works well.. Shipping took a couple extra weeks but that was to be expected. Great customer service, will use Banggood again for sure. Thank You

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  • 15/02/2022

    Boa noite o aparelho é muito bom , (demorou mas chegou) chegou em perfeitas condições agora é só aprender a usar ,muito obrigado.

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  • 16/10/2021

    powerful little laser (accidentally engraved some slate). my one has a little bent in one plate, so the x0,y0 point is determined to a crash, setting new end point for engraving „solved“ this problem.

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  • 15/07/2021

    Arrivato dalla Polonia in poco tempo. Facile assemblaggio. da testare ancora per quanto riguarda le incisioni e il taglio. modulo laser 30w (7.5 ottici), in alluminio, ottima costruzione

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  • 17/04/2021

    prodotto arrivato nei tempi previsti.

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  • Dom

    Good value. However, I had a few issues. The software that it uses to print is very limited but works and if you like to use a mobile to simply send a photo to the laser for printing via Bluetooth it is great. The wires arrived broken so I had to crimp new ones. This wasn't too much of a problem as I had the stuff and knowledge to do this. Another problem is that the rails were badly scratched although this is only cosmetic. The third problem is that the laser mount/guide is not attached straight. It appears to be glued at an angle. I had to put tape inside the guide, one high up inside the guide and lower down on the other side so as to make the laser straight, so it is at right angles to the wood or material. It is also very difficult to line up a print on the material and I will make a base with markings to help sort this out. The guide rails don't appear to be exactly 90 degrees and this causes issues when trying to line up a print on say a coaster. I would buy it again and am looking to buy a bigger version. The laser is significantly more powerful than my current 1.6 Watt one and I'd guess it's about 7.5 watts. A photo that took me 7 hours with my old laser takes about 3 hours with this. To cut 3mm plywood I need to make 6-8 passes on 80% power and 30-40 ms burn time. On 100% power, or longer nurn time, it tends to burn too much. Its size significantly limits what can be made and impacts the time to make things. This is because, rather than being able to make all sides of a box on one piece of wood at the same time, I have to make each side individually. Considering the power of the laser and the strength of the guide rails and motors, it is very good value. I am now looking to buy the bigger Neje one and with the 40 Watt motor. Looking for a diode laser that can cut 3mm plywood with one pass, if that exists. So, with all the issues I've had, I still give it 5 stars as it does deserve 4.5 stars as it is such good value.

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  • 23/03/2021

    mega schnelle Lieferung tolles Gerät leicht zu bedienen. die Software könnte etwas besser sein 🥰

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  • 30/12/2022

    Kúpená na skúšku no je to zábava

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  • 01/04/2022

    Equipamento muito bom!!! Recomendo, gravuras espetaculares.

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