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  • 20/02/2021

    Delivered after two weeks from Czech Republic to Lithuania. Package arrived safely, thank Banggood team. Very nice and handy charger from one of the best manufacturers for reasonable price, small and with sufficient amount of produced current. Micro USB cable is 70 cm, smooth springs. It is worth reading before you buy: https://lygte-info.dk/review/Review%20Charger%20Nitecore%20UM2%20UK.html Disadvantages: - A noise of high frequency during a charge. - No longer showing battery internal resistance. It is available just in UM4 model. Maybe it can be activated by acknowledged person during disassembly/some soldering, etc. - There is no automatic current selection as stated in features of this unit per manufacturer. It is neither based on internal resistance or battery size based on length. It doesn’t matter which battery you would insert (AAA NiMH, 21700 LiIon), charger will still select 500 mA as starting point for 5V source. For 9V you have to step down the current for “little” batteries. - Even there is no option for this charger, it would be nice to see a discharge feature, especially storage mode if you decide to leave batteries for longer period of no use. - Once battery is charged and cut off, screen doesn’t show actual reading/voltmeter, just what was at the end. If you possibly take out battery some hours after charging, the actual reading could be less due a littler drain by charger. Advantages: + Very simple and user friendly menu/screen size. Fast settings change. + Current of 0.1 A step increase. + Activation of over discharged batteries (confirmed by myself as well). + 21700/26700 can be inserted even with PCB. There are just a few chargers in the market that can do this. Thank you

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  • 15/01/2021

    I think it's a great Charger, a very info display, showing every battery with level lines for the progress of each one, 4 modes of charging. The variety of batteries that can be charged is big (look photo of the box for battery types & characteristics). 17 days delivery to Greece!

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  • 10/01/2021

    El pedido llego mas rapido de lo esperado, la caja venia un poco golpeada pero el cargador de baterias viene en buen estado dentro de su caja, funciona miuy bien se ha estado utilizando y es un excelente producto, recomendado al igual que el vendedor o tienda.

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  • 09/05/2021

    Já é o segundo que compro e só tenho a dizer bem, carrega rápido, tem bastante informação sobre as pilhas, reconhece o tipo de pilhas. Utilizo para carregar pilhas 18650 e 21700.

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  • 05/06/2021

    very good charger. works perfectly. has a downside when it does not have a battery in the charger no Benny waiting ....

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  • 31/07/2021

    Amazing charger with fast charging option (if connected to a QC3 source). Kind of overcharges the batteries (to 4.25 instead of 4.20V) but I see this as more of an advantage than a downside. Got it on flash Sale for about 11€ which is just amazing. It has been my go to charger for the last couple of months.

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  • 29/12/2020

    Ottimo caricabatterie per Stilo/ministilo AA/AAA e anche per le batterie a litio che utilizzano le e-cig. Ottimo per il display che ti informa su dati utili sullo stato della batterie, e quando questa é da buttare perché rovinata. non si surriscalda. Peccato solo che non sia fornito di un alimentatore proprio ma bisogna utilizzarne uno da cellulare (meglio se superiore a 2ampere). Per il resto PERFETTO!!! IL MIGLIORE.

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  • 28/12/2020

    It has good build quality and nice design. Very easy to use. I have tried it with some dead AA and AAA NiMH batteries. It recognized the battery type automatically and charged them fully. Time will tell how those batteries last but the first impressions are not bad at all. The charger displays the actual voltage, the charging current, the charging time and the total charge in mAh. I did not regret this purchase.

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  • 19/12/2020

    I received the UM4 Intelligent USB 4-slot charger. Disappointed that it doesn't come with any 18650 26650 21700 batteries displayed in the advertisements. Full testing of IMR, Li-ion, and LiFePO4 testing will have to wait. I am testing with some old NiCad and NiMH batteries. So far, I am impressed with its ability for each slot to separately test battery health and charge appropriately.

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  • 20/05/2021

    balíček bol dnes obdržaní,krabica síce bola pokrčená ale nabíjačka ostala neporušená.Momentalne sa testuje,ale zatiaľ spokojnosť

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