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  • 24/09/2021

    I calculated max zoom options using a copper wire of 0.59mm dia and min distance from object 10mm where is focus limit. At max analog zoom dimension of wire dia was 48mm with no distortion at HD resolution and result is 81,5 max analog zoom. Max digital zoom was measured around 180 but it distorts object's aspect ratio so it's not advised. Excellent for soldering SMD parts with 12-15 zoom in at 7cm distance between object & microscope head where leds illumination is sufficient with approx 10 degrees declination from vertical axe with +1 resolution. Just shave less than a 1mm of bottom surface of m-USB connector or use another one thicker and also resolution and screen are just fine and works flawlessly. In headlines a descent up to 80 analog zoom camera/magnifier using 7 inch screen , highly recommended for working with SMD parts and micro machines but nothing to do with a real microscope of declared 1200 magnification that's why it gets 4 stars.

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  • 22/07/2021

    When it arrived the bolt that locks the column angle was so tight I was afraid to torque it enough to loosen it. It took a week to get that sorted out with BG. So now I am making my own lever knob for that hex headed screw! As an engineer I detest sloppy, uncaring design. The USB power cable is very hard to plug in, and my uSD card is very hard to remove, both AFAICT because the plastic case design simply fails to properly position the internals. Silly stuff that it costs no more to get right! The manual tells you everything about how wonderful it is, but essentially nothing about how to work it. The illumination brightness adjuster gets not one mention. So it took 30 minutes to get the hang of the controls. I was also amazed to receive a EU wall wart plus an EU to AU mains adaptor, given China uses the same mains plug as Australia. Once I got all the silly stuff sorted, I got some good view and pictures. ... and, ahem, this page won't accept the JPG files it produces. I have to rename them jpg So, four, not 5 stars because of design sillies. But for the money still good value.

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  • 22/04/2021

    Everything works surprisingly well! It arrived in Romania in 4 days in very good conditions. Installation is easy and the settings and functions of the buttons are logical, you can't go wrong ! You can capture images on a card at a maximum of 12 MPix with many options and you can even make a movie at good resolution, without sound. In fact, you don't even need sound ! I will use it mainly in electronics for SMD parts. I am very satisfied with the purchase made and I full recommend this device !

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  • 08/04/2021

    Nagyon gyorsan megérkezett. Igényes kidolgozású, precízen megbízhatóan működik. Szép tiszta képet ad, egyszerűen kezelhető. Felül szerelt alkatrészek értékeinek leolvasásánál illetve beültetésénél nagyon nagy segítséget jelent. tág határok között állítható ezért könnyű a munkavégzés alatta. Megéri az árát.

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  • 05/03/2021

    Delivered package today (2021/03/05) at lunch (very well, favours digestion!). Package in good condition, just a little bump (see picture). The product is working and, obviously good for what is it, not a miracle but enough for my job. Only fault: the micro usb can't be inserted cause the wrong dimension (see picture), so i used another . Four stars. Clearly, Banggood is ever professional in his work, the guilt is of Mustool (c'mon, keep an eye on this things).

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  • 19/11/2020

    Je trouve que c'est un très bon microscope. En plus, il est compatible Linux (le système d'exploitation que j'utilise). Une molette est là pour faire varier l'intensité de l'éclairage LED. Par contre, il y a un contrôleur de gain, qui adapte la luminosité de l'écran à celle reçue par le capteur, afin d'avoir une image ni trop sombre, ni trop lumineuse. Une autre molette vous permet de zoomer ou dézoomer : plus le capteur est bas, plus cela zoome. Une troisième molette vous permet de faire la mise au point. J'ai fait 3 captures VLC d'une diode silicium 1N4148 pour l'exemple, en résolution maximale (d'où la perte de qualité, ce qui est normal à ces échelles) : Une zoomée de manière à ce que le composant entre dans la largeur de l'écran. Une autre où j'ai zommé à fond le composant et une patte. Le diamètre d'une patte fait généralement 550 µm (0.55 millimètre). Une dernière, où j'ai dézoomé à fond.

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  • 06/04/2020

    Recebii o produto com um pouco de atraso devido a falta em estoques no momento da compra, mais tidos adorei o produto já testei e funciona certinho... Aprovado...

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  • 11/09/2021

    Todo perfecto, el envalaje justito pero se nota que el trasporte lo trato bien, funciona perfectamente configuración fácil de hacer, cambiar idioma, calidad imagen etc.

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  • 02/12/2021

    nota 1000, melhor do que esperava, entrega foi antes do tempo, a caixa de carregar não deu, mas pelo preço vale a pena sem dúvida

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  • 30/07/2020

    sesuai dengan deskripsi, cuma pengemasan agar lebih diperhatikan..terlalu simpel kemasannya..waktu pengiriman sampai ketangan sesuai estimasi..yang penting mau bersabar..biaya yg harus dibayar sesuai dengan harga pertama yang tertera diaplikasi tanpa tambahan bea masuk dan lain..barang berfungsi mudahan awet

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