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  • 09/01/2021

    OK. I've had mine for over a week now. Here's my take on it. Is it perfect? No it's not. Is it close to perfect? Yes it is. Like most folks, I have a few issues with it but they are cosmetic and that's a good thing since that gives me something to tinker with. After all the quality details built in, why include some cheap twine to pass for the winch rope? I've included pics of my alternative. There is no master switch to disconnect the battery, just a switch that disconnects the drive motor. That's good for not having a bench runaway but it's a pain to get in to disconnect the battery before and after each run. I installed a master cut-off switch, pics included. Next is the manuals. They seem to try to cover all the models in one shot and that does not work. Example, I have seen my model on UTube sounding a horn by moving the right stick to the top. That doesn't work on mine and the manual is so poorly written (and/or) translated that I've found no help there. The transmission works fine now but was a bit sticky at first. Regardless, there is little difference between first and second gear in observable speed. A careful hand on the throttle is required for slow movement. Do I think this model was worth the $1047 Cdn delivered. Yes. BTW, the packaging was perfect. Model arrived with zero damage. I've been a customer of Banggood for years. This major purchase cements my confidence in them.

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  • 25/09/2020

    Well I have had this for a few days now and I am very impressed, checked all screws bolts etc on arrival and all were tight and none missing, the lights work great but would have preferred the headlights to be on all the time not just when moving forward, most of the time they dont come on if just moving slowy, maybe a setting some where but i dont know as there are no instructions for how to operate the light unit. I did find the small switch in the cockpit that changes the flashing of the lights above the front window. No instructions for what does what on the remote control either, it is an adventure working everything out! :-D The sound of the engine is very good, the indicator sound not so good, it gets annoying after a while, no way to turn the sound off as no instructions for the sound module. Apart from that.... WOWZA this truck is awesome, I can climb my Huina 1580 up into the back of it and cart it round no problem and that is a heavy excavator, it fits in the back perfectly, the bucket slots between the two metal exhaust brackets on the P803a perfectly to hold it in place, will have great fun with this in the coming weeks. The detail on it is amazing, seeing pictures and videos is great but when you have this Beasty sat there in front of you, you then realise that those pictures did not do it justice, I smiled all day when it arrived, my cheeks were hurting from smiling. The back panel on the tipping part removes very easily to allow access for the excavator as it has little levers like the side panels, that hold it in place.

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  • 22/12/2020


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  • 09/03/2021

    Truck přišel v pořádku a poměrně brzy. Pěkně zabalen. Je to super

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  • 14/10/2021

    Very impressed! It's heavy a little bit over 20 lb. Very well detailed! Fast shipping to Canada!

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  • 01/05/2021

    Very well built rc vehicle, runs & operates great. The lights are just as much of a pain as the controller is. Better instructions on how and what the controls do would be nice. 6 inch action figures don't really fit in the cab, this vehicle is 1/12th scale, but just a tad under scale as you can see from my pictures.

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  • 14/03/2021

    Tool, super gut, sehr zufrieden

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  • 30/05/2020

    Arrived in a timely manner. As described. I am very satisfied with this model. I know own a couple of these vehicles, 3 to be exact and have been very happy with them all. A few negative things I will say about the product in general, and this has nothing to to do with this seller, is that on the models equipped with the light on top of the cab........that has to go. It looks like a really crappy police light (red, blue, alternating/flashing). I feel like it turns this multi hundred dollar awesome driveable scale model into a Toy's R' US $49.99 special. There is a decent amount of play in all of the bearing seats on all of the 24 axles I have. This may or may not be an issue for some people, it's easily remedied, but time consuming and not a 100% guarantee / fix / solution. I'm referring to the bearings on the output/input shaft that lead in to and exit the axles. Lastly, the driveshafts themselves are banded. Sometimes, the pins inside of the joint will slip though the banding. If this occurs while you are out and about, you will lose power to whatever shaft that happens to, and any after it. Some of the updated models appear to have a sleeve over this section. Simple solution. Remove the drive shafts, slide a piece of heat shrink tubing of it, put the axles back in, shrink the tubing. Problem solved. I am very happy with my purchase(s). I would recommend this HG P801/801/803A (whatever variant you get, have or are looking at) to someone who is mechanically inclined and not a novice to RC. Another pointer, if you're taking apart the diffs and inspecting them (like we all do....right? to make sure our precious RTR was truly RTR from the factory?) I'd highly recommend packing the differential gears with heavy heavy grease to slow down the actions of the gears giving you more of a truer limited slip differential. Even if you don't do this, these machines are still very capable. You'd be surprised how much traction you can gain simply by adding LBS!

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  • 29/10/2021

    question. my truck doesn’t move at all. I don’t have a hand handle control. But I have the Trasped -16C remote controller. it starts lightning,sounds and dumps but will not move forward or backwards.

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  • 23/03/2021

    Extremely happy and price is excellent!!!

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