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  • 03/02/2017

    Such a great transmitter for the price i dont have one bad thing to say about this very comfortable to hold same range as the X9 and really love the turn knob/wheel for programming etc in the menus which is way faster than the old traditional buttons. The rechargeable battery pack is awesome as well!! Great for anyone looking to get into taranis or already knows the ropes. The data from the micro sd card from your x9 is cross compatible with the qx7 so that is a huge plus!!

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  • 07/02/2017

    Even the preorder transmitters are equiped with a battery ( 800mAh LSD).. Beside this the original battery tray for AA cells is still included. So there is plenty of time to search for a suitable 2S LIFE or 2S LIPO. Tip. ....Banggood restock the XF Power 2S 2000mAH or similar. Now, I am going to test this thing...;-)

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  • 13/02/2017

    Coming from a Devo 7e and after one week with it I just can say this Tx is sublime. I've installed 4in1 BG module after some hours of config and made Spektrum to work. The range I tried is no more than 150 m, more than enough for me. The white x7 is so elegant and modern at the same time this is a good point since most radios have 90's appearance. It came with the stock Ni-mh batteries but after testing once I saw they last very few comparing to my devo 7e 2s lipo battery. I highly recommend this battery for this model and you can see it fits perfectly. After one week of daily use and several hours per day it is still at 65%. Overall so proud and happy with my Taranis

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  • 26/06/2017

    В соотношении цена - качество нет равных. Несомненный плюс, в эргономике данной аппаратуры, в удобстве хвата, кнопки навигации по меню удобны в использовании. Использование ярких цветов и нового дизайна для корпуса приятно выделяют аппаратуру на фоне других грустных аппаратур, еще один плюс яркого цвета он заметнее в fpv камеру, тем самым повышая вашу безопасность. Так же стоит упомянуть, про надежность и долговечность аппы, хорошие стики и тумблеры, и конечно же тюнинг, для еще более точной настройки и индивидуализации аппаратуры. Всем единомышленникам ровного полета и мягкой посадки.

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  • 19/03/2017

    Q7 feels great in hand. Quality of gimbals and switches is also great. Sound from speaker is perfect (amber sound pack on SD card). Transmitter like this for 120$... Still cant believe... Highly recommend... My review: https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?2839572-FrSky-Taranis-Q-X7-review-in-progress

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  • 07/02/2017

    This is a great product. It has the versatility of the taranis x9d+ but for a lesser price. A great transmitter for those that fly racing drones. There is a lot of useful information that can be found at OPENTX.ORG. If you like to tinker with things there are upgrades and mods that can be done to this transmitter to make it suit your needs.

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  • RayVIP1

    I bought this transmitter as a complete beginner and have since been using this the past four months. I started flying micro quads like the Eachine QX95 and QX90c and have been able to use it for a number of models, including my new Wizard x220 mini quad. There are fewer switches than the Taranis X9D Plus but I find that I have more than enough for my needs. It also can be powered by standard 2S LiPo batteries, which mean it's less likely that you'll be caught without power while out in the field. I recommend this transmitter to new pilots that I meet and am overall a very happy customer. Thanks Banggood!

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  • 20/05/2019

    5 starts!

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  • 29/12/2017

    Доставка 17 дней. Очень быстро! Пульт отличного качества, все работает, никаких претензий, Прошивка предпоследняя, стоит обновить что легко, в интернете много ссылок на прошивки. В конструкции удивил старинный разъем MiniUSB. Было бы логично поставить USB C. Кассета с батарейками вынимается, легко поставить аккумуляторный блок. Отличный пульт за эти деньги!

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  • 07/02/2017

    I ordered one from another supplier and liked it so much I ordered 2 more from BG. The Taranis X9D+ is over kill for flying quadcopters, so this radio is now my new favorite. The best part is the rubber grips on the back. Once youhold one, you will want one!

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