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  • 04/08/2021

    Bike arrived damaged, even though the box around it was unmarked. It is my second ADO A20, so I can compare it with the first one (which was OK). I want to learn about ebikes, because my petrol car may be (should be!!) banned soon, to help save the climate. I have never owned a modern design bike until these two ADO ebikes. This damaged one arrived already in 7th gear! The chain was jammed by the bent gear shifting arm mounting bracket. The mounting bracket is not magnetic, so I guess it is aluminium. (The silver bracket, arrowed in the photo.) What to do? Temporarily, I moved the chain over to a low gear by hand. Then, I set the handlebar gear change to match - Number 2 on the handlebar lever matches Gear Number 1 on the sprockets. I assembled the rest of the bike (the other parts are perfect). I will not use the gear change. I fear that the misaligned gear change arm might cause damage! If I had a new gear change mounting plate, it might be easy to replace. Can Banggood supply one? That might be a lot to ask, for a small problem. I think another customer's feedback said that it can be bent back into shape. The rubber cap and armour (see photos) on the motor feed cable seems to have protected the motor wires, safely. I hope so! There is some damage to the rubber protector/seal on the axle, but I can probably seal that. So, there is work to do on this bike. I like little details like folding pedals, and how easy it is to hold it upright using a wooden board through the frame behind the seat post. Also, when the bike is folded, the power is definitely OFF! It is a marvellous machine - I think the risk was worth it. When the gear arm mounting plate is replaced/repaired, I can discover how far the battery takes me, and test the charger.

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  • 04/08/2021

    The worst bicycle ever tried, it doesn't work, even if it is 100% charged the battery does not go and moreover on the display even it is how much charge is there! I expected more sin .. I'm sorry but never more Bangood. It also loses the strange liquid ..... as you can see from the photos ... I hope it's not toxic since I had your hands full of that suck. I await total repayment with anxiety.

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  • 18/03/2022

    This is my first ebike. I love it. The package arrived pretty quickly in Sweden. The package arrived in good conditions, except for a little bump on the side. The ride is very good thanks to the suspension system that it's in both front wheel and seat. The 7-speed gearbox is a super nice addition, as is the phone mount that comes with the bike. I'd definitely recommend this bike .

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  • 04/07/2021

    - DISLIKED - The bike came with some scratches from the factory Nothing was adjusted. Front and rear brakes (both the fix and moving brake pad), brakes lever and derailler had to be adjusted and tuned. After adjusting the brakes I found out my rear disk brake is veiled and it makes braking a little unpleasant. The front brake cable is too short and goes behind the front fork. That causes the cable to be stretched when you turn too much to the left. There is nothing to lock and hold the bike in the folded position The pedal sensor is loose on my bike. - LIKED - The bike looks very good, I love the rims The display is bright, easy to see and configure The suspension works well The full electric mode has a good acceleration and can climb some steep hills The electric horn is loud and the front light is very bright Range seems to be good, I did 60km (37,3 miles) in 90% electric assist mode and 10% full electric and still got 2 out of 4 bars of battery left. - OTHERS NOTES - Unlike any other bike I have used, the right brake lever controls the front brake and the left brake lever the rear brakes. This bike uses a pedal rotation sensor so the electric assist mode speed the bike up to 16km/h (10 mph) when you are pedaling but the motor power is not adjusted when it's harder to pedal. I would say fits and finishs are not the best on this bike but for my first e-bike I like it. It's good for rides on asphalt and a little bit of offroad and for people who want a e-bike that can fit in a small form factor when folded.

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  • 01/01/2022

    I was waiting a bit with the review in order to see how complaint process would work. So, here we are: the bike arrived 10 days after my order. The package was in almost perfect condition. No damage visible on the box itself. (Courier service explained me that most damages occured when package is loaded / unloaded in depots on journey). The content itself was packaged very nicely and tidy. Except front light was broken. I contacted banggood immediately and the response was swift. After couple of photos and providing bike's S/N, new front light was sent from factory and it arrived on the last day of 2021 well packed, with all necessary cables. Thanks! The bike itself didn't need so many adjustments. Shimano transmision works perfect, brakes needs smaller adjustment. And, very positive surprise is that I got built-in new generation controller (3 assist modes). But, the winter is coming (!), so I should wait next spring to use this bike more frequently.

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  • 31/07/2021

    Bought two. This one seems perfect. Many considerate little finishing touches. Even the pedals fold up. I am very impressed, so far. The delivery box is very sturdy & was intact, except for a one inch hole above the steering head. The contents were generously wrapped with strong padding and well secured with plenty of cable ties. Brakes, gears, all set up. Mudguards already on. No fuss. Everything fitted together smoothly. Fitting the handlebars and steering column requires a little patience. The tyres needed more air; I used a car tyre footpump, as I am used to that. The wheels are cast alloy - I was worried they might be plastic! The bike looks very well designed, everything seems likely to last well if cared for. The battery came charged up, ready for use. The (English) assembly instructions were quite sufficient, and there is a handbook, too. It weighs enough to justify careful handling. I am sure my back muscles become accustomed to it. For a small person, of five foot height, this will be a challenging ride, at first. I have had no chance to test how far it will go on a charge, and have only tried out the pedal assist. I have not tested the charger - but it does have the correct mains plug. As far as I have tested this bike, the experience has been perfect.

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  • 14/07/2021

    bici veramente performante, comoda e pratica anche per il trasporto piegata,rapporto qualità /prezzo secondo me la migliore in commercio. La consiglio a tutti. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

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  • 25/06/2021

    è stata un po'in lavorazione, Ero preoccupato, anche perché l'assistenza è in inglese poi con un amico che ci acchiappa più di me, sono riuscito a comunicare e risolvere una volta spedita arrivata veloce, soddisfatto 👍

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  • 03/02/2022

    A su amable atención: RECIBIDO EL ENVIO. Al abrir el paquete observo que viene rota la caja del soporte del teléfono y esparcidas las piezas por el embalaje; recuperadas, observo que faltan partes del mismo y otras están repetidas; en conclusión que no se puede utilizar ese accesorio. Espero que sea susanado el desperfecto, para poder utilizar de forma adecuada el mencionado accesorio. A la espera de su decisión. le saluda atentamente. Ángel

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  • 18/01/2022

    My paddle no longer works after 23 days of use. And my bike is having some smaller problems. I will give my bike so much trouble in such a short time. It did not come.

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