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  • 07/04/2022

    πραγματικά δε ξέρω γιατί το πήρα , ίσως κάποια μέρα ασχοληθώ να δω αν δουλεύει και αν μαθαίνεις κάτι από αυτό

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  • 08/03/2022

    Package exactly as descibed and very complete set of tools for the price paid. If only for a couple of slightly bent raking tools, it would have been perfect. Highly recommend.

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  • 03/01/2022

    It seems it is a good quality product. Unfortunately, I haven't tested it yet but I hope it works as described and it continues working correctly. Thanks

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  • 20/11/2021

    A nice set for a beginner such as myself. Some lockpicks are bent, but nothing serious. The acrylic lock is very nice and great to both admire the interior mechanical workings of the lock and to see the effects of what you feel/do with the lockpick to the pins.

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  • 08/04/2022

    Very good quality metals. Lock is educational. Needs a lot of work to start working with locks .

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  • 04/03/2022

    Absolutely delivered. On time and of good quality. Acrylic lock seems sturdy enough for a practice lock. The lockpicks also seem of good enough quality that they won't break/bend too easily.

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  • 20/07/2021

    Llego rápido pero algunas de las piezas venían dobladas un poquito pero las pude arreglar rápidamente. El candado si no sirve tiene los pin muy flojos y cuesta darle tension. Si abre con las herramientas pero me parece que no va a durar mucho es de muy mala calidad.

    Zobraziť originál
  • 01/07/2021

    They are a great set with a nice Cary pouch thank you 👍😎

    Zobraziť originál
  • 01/06/2021

    This looks awesome. The picks have a neat leather holder, and the lock is really completely see-through. The package got a little nudge but everything inside is intact and looks pretty cool. I recommend this. 5stars

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  • 23/01/2022

    Nice gimmick. Many parts are slightly bent, but you can bend them straight with a little feeling. Works well on the test lock. You have to learn it at the real castle. Drilling out a lock might be faster. Thank you...

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